Acronyms and terms used at REC

Sometimes when visiting an REC web page, you may get confronted with acronyms or expressions that may not always be familiar.  To help decode what some may refer to as “Michiese”, here’s a list of the most common acronyms and other shorthand that is used within the REC Universe, including the LPFM Window Tracking System.


2adj – Second adjacent channel

301 Section 301 of the Communications Act (used mainly in reference to unlicensed broadcasting)

307(b) Fair distribution of radio services

312(g) Silent period exceeding 365 days resulting in cancellation of license

3adj – Third adjacent channel

3rd R&O – Third Report and Order in MM Docket 99-25, adopted December 11, 2017

6th Recon – Sixth Order on Reconsideration in MM Docket 99-25, adopted June 30, 2013

6th R&O – Sixth Report and Order in MM Docket 99-25, adopted November 30, 2012

807 Section §73.807 of the FCC Rules (distance separation for LPFM stations)

825 Section §73.825 of the FCC Rules (LPFM protection to Channel 6 TV stations)

ACL Applications of Concern List

Admin Order Report and Order in MB Docket 19-3, adopted December 10, 2019

Agr. Agreement

ALJ Administrative Law Judge

ALTC Assignment of License and Transfer of Control

AMR AM Revitalization

ARN Application Reference Number (used in legacy CDBS applications)

ARS Amateur Radio Service

Assoc. Association

Audio FCC Media Bureau Audio Division

Bc. Broadcasting

BCN Baja California Norte

Bonus LPFM point factor for both main studio and local programming

BVI British Virgin Islands

CC of Calvary Chapel of __________.

Cd. Ciudad

CFR Code of Federal Regulations

Chr. Christian

Cmty. Community

CNMI Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands

Co. County

CORES Commission Registration System

CRTC Canada Radio and Television Commission

Cy. City

DA Directional antenna

DIRS Disaster Information Reporting System

Dist Distance

EB FCC Enforcement Bureau

ECP Established Community Presence

Ed. Education/Educational

Ed. Statement Educational statement for NCE applicants

EIN Employer Identification Number (IRS)

eLMS Enhanced License Management System (operated by REC Networks)

EMA Email address

EMF Educational Media Foundation (K-Love, Air1)

ERP Effective Radiated Power

FB FM Booster

FCC Federal Communications Commission

FCC Rcd. FCC Record

FM6 Channel 6 LPTV station engaged in analog FM operations on 87.75 (also referred to as a “Franken FM”)

FNPRM Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

Found. Foundation

FRN FCC Registration Number

FX FM Translator

GL Garbage List

GTI Great Translator Invasion (Auction 83, 2003 FM Translator filing window)

Guel Antonio Cesar Guel

HAAT Height Above Average Terrain.

HD HD Radio, a product of Xperi.

HEFF Hispanic Educational Family Fundation

IC Industry Canada

IF Intermediate frequency (+/- 10.6 or 10.8 MHz).

IFT Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones (the Mexico equivalent of the FCC)

Igl. Iglesia

IHM iHeart Media

Inst. Institute

IO Informal Objection

ISD Independent School District

ITU International Telecommunications Union

L2C License to cover

LCRA Local Community Radio Act of 2010

LLC Limited liability corporation

LMS License Management System operated by the FCC

LPFM Low Power FM

LPTV Low Power Television

MB FCC Media Bureau

MERP Maximum Effective Radiated Power (non fill-in translators)

MHAAT Maximum Height Above Average Terrain (non fill-in translators)

MO&O Memorandum Opinion and Order

MX Mutually Exclusive

NCE Noncommercial Educational

ND Nondirectional antenna

NOUO Notice of unlicensed operation

NPO Non-profit organization

NPRM Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

NTIA National Telecommunications and Information Administration (Spectrum management for the Federal government)

P4R/PFR Petition for Reconsideration

Pledges Pledge promises from the LPFM point factor system (main studio & local programming)

PN Public Notice

POB Post office box

PRVI Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands (normally in reference to the difference in the §73.807 distance separation requirements for this region)

PS Public Safety

PTD Petition to Deny

R. Radio

RBPA Radio Broadcast Preservation Act of 2000

REC REC Networks

Recon. Reconsideration

Req Distance required

RF Radio frequency

R&O Report and Order

SOS Secretary of State

SS Short Spacing

STA Special Temporary Authority

Sunbiz Florida Secretary of State

Tabs Tabulations used for field values of directional antennas

Tech Order Report and Order in MB Docket 19-193, adopted April 23, 2020

TN Telephone number

TOWAIR FCC system used to determine if proposed tower structure requires registration.

TPO Transmitter Power Output

T/S Tentative Selectee

TV6 TV Channel 6

UA Urbanized area

ULS Universal Licensing System

USC United States Code

USD Unified School District

VFD Volunteer Fire Department

WMM Christ Pentecostal Church of the Worldwide Missionary Movement (CPC of the WMM)