IV. Summary

112. With this Notice of Proposed Rule Making, we explore the possible establishment of new classes of FM radio service to respond to the increasing demand by the public for additional outlets of popular expression which could increase the diversity of voices, views, and sources of information and entertainment available to the American public. This proceeding will explore the appropriate technical parameters for such a service. We will also examine potentially conflicting demands for such a service and the means to accommodate any such conflicting demands to the extent possible and appropriate. In addressing these issues, we are and will remain mindful of the technical requirements necessary to protect existing radio services and are concerned with preserving the excellent technical quality of radio service available today which has been fostered and maintained by our existing rules. We hope to receive comment from a wide range of existing and potential users of the FM spectrum regarding the nature and extent of different and possibly conflicting demands for this spectrum, and technical analysis to assist us in best resolving those conflicts for the benefit of the public.