REC Networks - 2024 Professional Services Rate Card (LPFM Stations)

This rate card is for stations that are in the Low Power FM radio service in all market areas  It is effective from February 12, 2024.

Base rates are different for private sector and public sector (government agencies, school districts and Tribes).  W-9 and post-payment is available only for public sector applicants only with a purchase order. 

See notes below for 2023 Third Generation LPFM Window applicants.

Facility related services

Description Private Sector Public Sector
Base rate: Minor modifications (change in location, channel and/or antenna height that requires a construction permit).  Includes post-construction license to cover filing. $600 $800
Base rate: Channel change only at same location (no other changes) $500 $700

Add-ons for Minor Modification and Channel Change base rate services - rate based on number of services needed:

  • Second-adjacent channel waiver ("donut" waivers have an additional $100 upcharge)
  • Reduced interference study for non-adjacent channel studies
  • Channel 6 §74.1205 study (for reserved band channels that are §73.825 short spaced)
  • Directional antenna study (with or without international compliance study)
  • International compliance study without directional antenna
  • Minor moves of more than 11.2 km that require a contour study

1 item: $150
2 items: $250
3 items: $375
4 items: $500
5 items: $600

Radio astronomy notification for Arecibo (applies to all Puerto Rico applications) $50
Radio astronomy notification for National Radio Quiet Zone $100
Base rate: License to cover application if REC did not handle the modification application ($50 upcharge if there are conditions that require documentation) $350
Base rate: Modification of license application (post change notifications of change in antenna, feedline and/or TPO) $350
Modification of license application for time share agreements (one charge covers all stations in time share group) $400
Engineering Special Temporary Authority (STA) applications Depends on request.  Contact REC for custom quote.

 Administrative and other services

Description Public and Private Sectors
Administrative Updates (name change of same organization, address and contact information changes) Free for REC clients with $350 minimum spend
$100 for other clients
Base rate: Assignment of License to a different organization (with or without consideration) $500 first station
$150 each additional station (public safety/tribal)
Base rate: Pro-forma transfer of control (same organization, board member changes over 50%) $350 first station
$150 each additional station (public safety/tribal)
License Renewal $150 "clean" renewal - no exhibits needed
$200 if exhibits needed
$100 per additional station (public safety/tribal LPFM, FM translator or FM booster) on the same application.
EAS National Periodic Test handling - includes all three required forms $150 for one station
Silent notification / Silent STA in areas and at times when DIRS is not activated (includes resumption, but not extension filing) $250
Silent notification / Silent STA in areas and at times when DIRS is activated (in disaster area) (includes resumption, but not extension filing) Free for REC clients with $350 minimum spend
$100 for other clients
Resumption of Operations from being silent if notification/STA was not handled by REC $150
Extension of any STA $100 if REC handled STA
$150 for other clients
Ownership Report filing (voluntary for LPFM) $400  (+$300 per additional respondent)
Contour and Longley/Rice coverage report (not available in AK, HI, Guam, American Samoa or CNMI) $350
Call sign change request (not associated with an REC handled window application) $75

Services for LPFM stations are partially subsidized by the REC Networks small station advocacy. Those subsidized rates are the publicized rates shown above.

Special requests for services not described above will be charged based on estimated level of effort.  Please contact REC for details.