LPFM Wide Area Availability Map

The maps on this page show potential locations for a new Low Power FM (LPFM) broadcast station in a future filing window.

About the dots on the map

Unlike our NCE opportunity maps, the LPFM maps show the status of whether a specific location has at least one channel that may meet the minimum distance separation requirements outlined in § 73.807 of the FCC Rules. The color of the dot indicates the status:
  • GREEN - There is at least one channel that meets all required distances for minumum separation and recommended minimum distance separations to prevent getting interference from other stations.
  • BLUE - There is at least one channel that meets all required distances for minimum separation, but all channels may receive interference from other stations based on recommended distance separations necessary to avoid interference.
  • PURPLE - There is at least one channel that meets all required distances for minimum separation on co- and first-adjacent channels but all channels do not meet required distances for second-adjacent channel thus meaning that a showing of non-interference and a request for waiver of the rules would be required.
  • RED - There are no channels that meet the minimum distance separation requirements on co-, first- and second-adjacent channels. New LPFM stations are not available at this location.

How to use the map

Using the pull down box below, select the latitude range and then the longitude range you want to check. Each map section covers 2 degrees of latitude by 2 degrees of longitude. Once you pull up a map, you can use the navigation to move to adjacent maps in 8 different directions. This interactive map covers the continental United States only.

Map of continental United States with coordinate grid lines.

Availability outside of the continental US

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  • Hawaii - Statewide availability. Second adjacent waivers on most of Oahu.
  • Alaska - No to limited availability in Anchorage. Widely available elsewhere in the state.
  • Puerto Rico - Available with waivers on the west and east coasts No availbility towards the center of the country including San Juan.
  • US Virgin Islands - Availability is extremely limited and may be subject to coordination issues with the British Virgin Islands. - contact REC for assistance.
  • Guam - wide availability on the island. - contact REC for assistance.
  • CNMI - wide availability. - contact REC for assistance.
  • American Samoa - potential availability. - contact REC for assistance.

Results are based on broadcast data vintage November, 2020. Spectrum is fluid and the results are subject to change based on the actions of other broadcast stations since then.

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NOTE: This mapping system is best experienced with a faster desktop computer. We have noticed that these maps may be sluggish on older computers. The displays are not optimized well for mobile browers. Tablet users may get an acceptable experience.
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