FCC Enforcement Actions

Database covers 2018 to present.

FRN 0005056585

2023-05-31 FO G.I.G., Inc. $750
Low Power Television
Failure to file a license to cover.
2023-01-19 NALF G.I.G., Inc. $6,500
Low Power Television
Online Public Inspection File

Amounts shown in NALs may not include forfeitures that were reduced upon a showing and reflected in a subsequent Forfeiture Order (FO). Forfeitures reduced or cancelled through a method other than a Forfeiture Order may not always reflect in the database.

Information derived from manual entry based on FCC decision documents. This database is maintained by REC Neworks. REC is not responsible for any database errors. Data provided is where-is, as-is. Please do appropriate legal research in order to support any findings in this database if the information is to be used for a pleading or other proceeding.