REC launches new FCC Enforcement Action Database

REC Networks has launched a new database and supporting web application that provides information on actions taken by Enforcement, Media and other bureaus within the FCC. This data will be used to track forfeitures (fines), which we refer to on The Podcast as "dingers".  It will also track enforcement activity that does not involve any kind of a forfeiture.  

The "Dingers Database" will track the following types of FCC documents:

  • Notice of Apparent Liability of Forfeiture
  • Forfeiture Notice
  • Consent Decree
  • Notice of Violation
  • Citation and Order
  • Hearing Designation Order
  • Notice of Revocation
  • Notice of Unauthorized Operation*
  • Notice of Pirate Radio Operation*

* - This data is currently not in the new system, but can also be tracked by REC's "American Radio Rebel Repository" (ARRR) at  The new system is not planned to replace ARRR.

Data will be tracked for not just broadcasting, but for all industries regulated by the FCC.  

Broadcasters can use this data to track their stations' previous violations in order to help them make truthful statements in their license renewal applications.

The new Dingers interface is a standalone web page which shows the latest enforcement actions (which can be paged to show previous actions), includes a power search mode and a "Top 40" list of the highest grossing fines in the database.   Clicking the date for the listing will show the meta data we have for that item as well as a link to the related FCC document.

The Enforcement Action (Dingers) Database can be accessed by going to:

As of the time of this writing, the system includes all data from September 29, 2021 to present.  Older data will be incrementally added as time permits.  Our current goal is to include all data back to October 1, 2019, the starting date for the license term for radio stations in the first renewal group (DC, MD, VA & WV).  

New feature on

Location of Enforcement History link in

To support the new data, US broadcast listings on will now show a link to "Enforcement Actions".  This link will only show on facilities or FRNs that have an active listing in the Dingers database.  Clicking the link will open a new browser tab/window that will show the FRN and facility's listings within the database.  The Enforcement History link is currently not available on the mobile browser version of FCCdata. 

"Dingers" is a regular feature on REC's, the podcast with Michi Bradley, which focuses on FCC actions that involve forfeitures.  

Amounts shown in NALs may not include forfeitures that were reduced upon a showing and reflected in a subsequent Forfeiture Order (FO). Forfeitures reduced or cancelled through a method other than a Forfeiture Order may not always reflect in the database.

Information derived from manual entry based on FCC decision documents. This database is maintained by REC Neworks. REC is not responsible for any database errors. Data provided is where-is, as-is. Please do appropriate legal research in order to support any findings in this database if the information is to be used for a pleading or other proceeding.