myLPFM: Changes and fixes

We have made some changes and fixes to myLPFM v3.

Zero latitude/longitude issue

Fixed a bug where some stations were coming up with a latitude and longitude of 0. 

Encroachment Report enhancement

On Encroachment Reports, there will now be a color band indicator to the left of each station entry.  These color bands are currently:

  • Green - no harmful encorachment concerns (all second, third and IF adjacents will also come up as green).
  • Yellow - station places an intefering contour inside of the LPFM service contour which may cause interference.
  • Red - full-service station that may result in a §73.809 displacement.

These color bands are based on contours and not on spacing rules and guidelines.  Foreign allotments do not use actual contours and therefore can't be directly checked.

Merger of Station Information and Application List

The list of FCC applications filed will now show as a tab on the Station Information (eyeball) option.  

Entry of LPFM call signs on the log-on screen

The system will now accept the LPFM call sign (as based on the eLMS facility file) in lieu of a facility ID.  If the call sign does not work (because it is new), the 6 digit facility ID number can still be used.


Tuesday, September 27, 2022
Systems affected: 
myLPFM v3
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