myLPFM: Translator Interference & new main menu, standalone U/D Tool retirement

Added two new modules to myLPFM v3 (early release):

Translator Interference

FCC Rules include a redress policy for LPFM stations that impacted by interference from subsequently authorized translator stations.  The process involves looking at the field strength contours of the undesired station (the translator) and the desired station (the LPFM) at a listener's location and then based on the ratio of the undesired and desired field strengths (called the "U/D Ratio"), it can determine whether it meets certain criteria to fall under the FCC's definition of interference pursuant to §74.1203(a) of the rules for constructed translators and §74.1204(f) for pending translator applications.  

In addition to the U/D Ratio calculations, REC clients with a minimum $350 spend can use myLPFM to collect listener information including name, address and contact information and be able to assemble an "interference package".  MyLPFM will determine the population of the LPFM 60 dBu service contour to determine how many valid complaints are needed in order to take action at the FCC.  Once the LPFM station can meet the minimum number of valid complaints, the LPFM station can then assemble a report that is compliant with the policies in §74.1203(a) and §74.1204(f) to refer to the FCC for potential action. 

Main Menu

In an effort to make myLPFM more user friendly, when users first log in, they will be greeted by a main menu instead of the station information.  The main menu familiarizes the user with the left side icons and provides an extended two-line description of what each icon does within the system.  The main menu can also be viewed anytime by clicking on the "Main Menu" link in the upper left portion of the page. 

We will be adding more user friendly functions soon as well as making improvements to the registration process.

Why do users have to register?

The need for registration is because there are functions in myLPFM that can impact your station's listing on, The National LPFM Station Directory, plus there is functionality that interfaces with REC's internal work flow system where you can track your work requests through REC and payments to REC.  We also have search functionality that is only intended to be for LPFM stations as opposed to the general public.

Do I have to pay for myLPFM?

No.  Access to most features in myLPFM are free to all LPFM stations, regardless of whether the station has contacted REC in the past.  

Certain functions are available only to those who have had a historical minimum spend of at least $350 at REC (exclusive of donations and tips).  These exclusive functions include:

  • A search radius of 20 miles instead of 10 miles for the Move Station functionality.
  • The ability to search for LPFM channels using a street address (All users can search by coordinates).
  • Access to the REC Encorachment Report
  • Access to the Move Map (shows on the map where a station can be moved on the same channel)
  • The ability to construct FM Translator interference packages for submission to the FCC.  (All users have access to the basic U/D ratio check functionality)
  • More future enhancements to the LPFM channel searching functionality may be available only to REC Clients.

Retirement of standalone U/D Tool

Due to the migration of the Standalone U/D Tool ( functionality into myLPFM, we have retired the Standalone Tool as the functionality is 100% duplicated in myLPFM.


Monday, September 26, 2022
Systems affected: 
myLPFM v3
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