LPFM Generation 3 Filing Window Show of Interest

Created a new website dedicated to show of interest forms for the Generation 3 LPFM Filing Window.

Developed URL https://lpfm.app

Site includes information pages on the LPFM service to introduce potential applicants to the service.

Developed a new restricted LPFM channel search tool that allows the entry of a location and then advises of potential availability.  Channel numbers are filtered out in this version.  If no channels are available at the location, the system will show why each channel was rejected and shows potential availabilty in 8 different directions in one mile increments up to 5 miles away in each direction.  For locations where LPFM is available, the system will display a Show of Interest form that can be filled out by the potential applicant.  On completion of the form, the system will generate an Order Number from REC's internal WFS system and then place an order into WFS.  

The new website also has a "Client Portal" mode that permits the ability for the user to enter their order number and a password that was established on the Show of Interest form in order to access their order information.  The Client Portal data is currently read only to the client user. 

Authenticated access to the Client Portal will also provide access to an LPFM search tool that, when unlocked by REC upon an advance payment, will allow the client user to search for potential LPFM sites within 16.1 km of the location they searched for during the Show of Interest form process.  This version of the LPFM search will have channel numbers unfiltered and provides more information on the identification of potentially interfering stations and stations requiring second-adjacent channel protections.  

Substantial modifications were made internally in WFS to support this Show of Interest functionality as well as to support up to three LMS applications per order.  Support added in WFS for LMS hex application IDs and eLMS flow codes to permit the linking to FCC LMS applications through the Client Portal and to prepare for future non-window functionality for WFS.  

Updated other REC systems that interface with WFS to integrate the use of the third LMS application support. 


Sunday, September 11, 2022
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