New Jersey LPFM-Translator petition edges slightly forward

New Jersey broadcasters are asking for a tighter controls or an outright ban on LPFM and translators in their state.

The New Jersey Broadcaster's Association petition to change the rules in their state now has an RM number.


Their proposal calls for:
- All LPFMs and translators operating in NJ to provide 44 dBu (50,50) protection to full power commercial FM stations licensed in NJ.
- Adopt use of the 20dB D/U ratio for second adjacent channel.
- Prohibit future grant of stations with less than 100W ERP
- Prohibit the grant of LPFM licenses to any community in NJ

Comment period is for 30 days from 10/8/04.

Although the opportunities for new LPFM stations are slim (even with the elimination of third adjacent channel restrictions), REC opposes "state specific" rules that apply only to lower power services such as LPFM and translators. REC does not want to see 50 levels of protections to meet the special interests of 50 different states.

REC has done some research on this matter and will provide additional research results by the comment deadline date.

REC recognizes that Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands have expanded protections to full power broadcasters. Keep in mind that those rules also apply to spacing between full power broadcasters and was put into place well before the establishment of LPFM.

REC reminds LPFM supporters that this is only a docketed proposal and not a notice of proposed rulemaking. Based on the issue, the FCC may advance it on it's own or as a part of a larger rulemaking. Other rulemaking petitions such as Calvary Chapel's satellator expansion petition (RM-10609) is still not dispositioned.

REC's petition for rulemaking to redefine protections between LPFM stations and translators was filed two months after the New Jersey proposal and is still pending a rulemaking number. We also note that the Baumgartner LPAM proposal was filed prior to the NJ proposal and is still waiting to be advanced.