Window Tracking Tool v2

Major version upgrade of the recently established Filing Window Tracking Tool (  

General Changes

  • Supports multiple filing windows.
  • New menu option "Change Window" that allows user to select which filing window they wish to look at.
  • The default window can be set in hard code.  (Currently defaults to the 2021 NCE Window)

LPFM Support

  • Now also supports LPFM filing windows.
  • On LPFM windows, tool will support the LPFM specific point system and tie breaker elements.

MX Groups

  • Preparing the system to support the FCC assigned MX group numbers for the groups already established by REC.
  • MX Groups that also have a FCC group number will be displayed first in the order by the FCC group number.  Those without an FCC MX Group number will be listed last.
  • Each MX Group will have the ability for REC to make notes in the group.  This will be used to note any application or other activity regarding an applicant in the group.  REC did this after the 2013 LPFM Window.
  • Made changes to the WindowMap program to support LPFM MX groups using the 14 (13.5 km) and 24 (23.5 km) distance separation requirements.
  • On the main landing page for the tool (the state listing), if there were any notes posted in any MX Group in the past 72 hours, a message will display with a link to the MX Group.

Grant List

  • When an original construction permit application is granted, eLMS will assign a serial number for the grant to indicate the order that the application was granted in.
  • Granted applications in order are displayed on the "Grants" page.


  • Original construction permit applications from the window that were dismissed are displayed under the "Dismissals" page.
  • For each dismissed application, REC can add a "dismissal reason" code to indicate why the application was dismissed.

Related eLMS changes

  • Updated the NCE application parser to support grant order.
  • Updated the end of day dismissal (intended to look for dismissal related documents) to support NCE Original Construction permits.

Integrated 2013 LPFM Filing Window data

  • All of REC's data from the 2013 LPFM Filing Window has been integrated into this tool including the MX Group notes. 
  • To reach the 2013 data, click on "Change Window" and then select "Low Power FM 2013".

Removal of legacy 2013 LPFM Filing Window web pages 

Various interactive web pages that were established for the 2013 LPFM Window have been removed and integrated into Window Tracking v2:


Visitors to those pages will be automatically redirected to Window Tracking. 

Wishlist for future release

  • Return of the "scoreboard" (by state listing of aggregate applications in different statuses).
  • Integration of the LPFM "Pledge List" ( including the ability to flag facilities subject to the local programming and main studio pledges as well as those that have a 4-year restriction on assignments.
  • Link to CDBS application for 2013 LPFM Window filings.
Sunday, November 28, 2021
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