FCC sets aside controversial FM allotment decision

FCC sets aside controversial FM allotment decision

An order was released today by the FCC that sets aside a decision made a few days ago that would move a rural Oregon station into Seattle metropolitan area. The FCC gives no reason for it's decision.

After it was done, the docket included a couple of counterproposals as well as the original petitioner, Mid-Columbia Broadcasting filing an amended proposal which even included proposed making changes of allotments in Canada.

The most contraversial portion of the proposal would have resulted in the displacement of KMIH-FM, a small Class-D station licensed to the Merrit Island School District. If Mid-Columbia was allowed to move their station KMCQ(FM) from The Dalles, OR to Covington, WA, a bedroom community in Seattle, it would put a high powered radio station on 104.5, the same frequency that KMIH broadcasts on.

KMIH is a Class-D station. Class D stations are considered "secondary". This means that a full power station can displace them. LPFM and translator stations are also considered secondary.

The situation has also caught the attention of Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) who sits on the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee. Also sitting on this committee is John McCain (R-AZ), who is introducing legislation to repeal the Radio Broadcasting Protection Act, that placed a third adjacent channel restriction on LPFM stations. ReclaimTheMedia.org reprts that under the Cantwell proposal, some "super powered" Class-D secondary stations would receive primary status as a Class A station.

Information on McCain's proposed LPFM legislation can be found at:

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More information about FM Table of Allotments proceedings can be found at REC Networks:

Correction to Seattle allotments case story..
Incorrect community name was given.

In our 6/8 story "FCC sets aside contraversial FM allotment decision", we incorrectly stated that KMIH(FM) was located on "Merritt Island". We meant to state that KMIH(FM) is located on Mercer Island, WA, a suburb of Seattle.

Merritt, Washington is a small town in Central Washington along US Highway 2.

REC apologizes for any inconvenience caused.