FCCdata: US AM Dialscape fix


Some AM stations were not appearing in the FCCdata AM dialscape for US facilities.  (Dialscape is the list of stations on FM, AM and TV after the community name is entered in FCCdata.)


Due to the lack of FCC contours for more recent AM station applications, newer AM applications and licenses are not receiving contours.  The AM Dialscape measures the distance from the target location to the AM station to determine whether it is inside the 2 mV/m contour.  Since newer facility records are no longer getting contours from the FCC's API, Dialscape has no reference.


On AM records with no contours, the Dialscape will list any AM facilities that are within 80 km of the target in the daytime section.  

Sunday, September 26, 2021
Systems affected: 
FCCdata.org denpahoso.com
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