Changes to NCE Search,, FCC Record & EZforms.. FCCdata dialscape fix.


US/FCC - Installed fix in fccdata that prevented new FM facilities (such as boosters, Auction 109 and eventually NCE Window) from displaying on dialscape. 

US/FCC - Installed some basic functionality on TV records to support ATSC3.  ATSC3 license modification records will now show that a station is broadcasting in ATSC3 either on that facility or as a simulcast on another facility.  Dialscape now shows whether a station has ATSC3 (either on that specific facility or as a simulcast on another facility).


Installed new program that would true-up data changes on the LMS facility tables to reflect on the eLMS facility table.  Modified the FM and NCE-FM parsers to include FRN on eLMS facility table on original construction permit applications.


NCE Show of Interest will no longer be a direct option on the main EZforms selection list.  Instead, users must first use the REC NCE Search Tool to look up a location.  If there is potential availability at that location, a button will appear, which the user can click to continue to the EZform.  The site coordinates and height will be passed from the NCE Search to the EZform system. 

NCE Search Tool:

NCE Search will now only provide a yes or no answer on potential availability, will provide the potential ERP for each available channel and warn for potential channel 6 TV and international issues.  If no channels are available at the site, the tool will show the communities of license where the "blocking" stations are located in. 

Tool will also advise of a "mutually exclusive" channel.  In this case, the channel being represented by the result is within 3 channels of another available channel, thus meanning that if an application is filed on both channels from the same location, they will both be mutually exclusive with each other.

Those wanting more information will need to establish a client relationship with REC Networks to continue.

Desktop users can now filter the application activity to only Radio or only TV (as well as the traditional full Radio & TV view.).   Ownership reports will only be displayed in the full Radio/TV view.

Starting next weekend, will show all broadcast actions from both CDBS and LMS during the weekend period.  Currently, this functionality has been limited to CDBS.

REC Website Content / FCC Record Search:

Keyword search now also searches the electronic documents (EDOCS) at the FCC in addition to the University of North Texas (UNT) search.  The EDOCS search will show more details of the actual item being searched and provides links to either the PDF FCC Record document at the FCC or a link to the EDOCS item (if a direct PDF to the FCC Record document is not available).  The EDOCs result also shows items that have not yet been archived at UNT.  Keyword search to the UNT data now offers two different methods of reading: the traditional method at the UNT, which provides a better search within the document once the "UNT" link is clicked or a document with better paging ability hosted at REC (the REC hosted version does not provide any searching within the document).  Search by citation now links the documents to a version of the UNT document hosted at REC that provides better page navigation capability.  Updated the database of avaialble volumes (books) to reflect the current library at UNT.  Updated to 35 FCC Rcd 6960, July 10, 2020. 

REC Website Content / Compliance Guide:

Updated Compliance Guide to include more examples of prohibited underwriting announcements in Section 3.


Thursday, September 2, 2021
Systems affected:
myLPFM v2
NCE Preliminary Search Tool
REC Website Content
Issue type: 
Manual data update
Scheduled maintenance