eLMS/FCCdata: Original Construction Permit Support

8/17/2021 - 09:28AM ET

Ticket opened - Original CP Long Form applications in Auction 109 are not being parsed correctly.  Channel number is not being picked up causing station data and contour maps to display incorrectly.  ETU expected by later today.

8/17/2021 - 10:40AM ET

Issues resolved - close ticket.


eLMS was not properly parsing the legal certification and channel & facility information sections of the LMS application thus causing an incomplete record.  Header in FCCdata does not properly display facility information on original CP applications. 


eLMS parser looks for specific key words in the tabled sections of each application in order to determine which section of the application that it is  looking at.  The search words it was looking for were not on the original CP application (these were the first two Auction 109 applications to come into LMS and we had no real way of knowing what these applications would look like until today).  

eLMS was not saving any kind of facility header data on original construction permits nor was FCCdata written to support the eLMS facility file (it normally uses the LMS file). 


Fixed the issue with the legal certification and channel & facility information section by using different key words that were on FM construction permit applications.  Tested OK.

Added new code to the eLMS FM parser that, on original CP applications or CP amendment (CPA) applications, it would rewrite the eLMS facility file with information from the application such as call sign (or 'NEW'), the community of license, operating channel, licensee name, address and phone number.  

Added new code to FCCdata that in the event the facility ID can't be found in the LMS facility file, it will go to the eLMS facility file to obtain the data.  



Tuesday, August 17, 2021
Systems affected: 
FCCdata.org denpahoso.com
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