Internal transition of CDBS/LMS/eLMS/IBFS databases.

The objective in this maintenance is to optimize the database by partitioning more unreleated elements and combining those that should be related.

We have completed a transition of the UK and Ireland broadcast data into a separate database.

We have migrated the International Bureau Filing System (IBFS) data into its own separate database.

We have migrated eLMS, CDBS and LMS into their own separate databases.

7/3 @ 5:50PM ET - Restored

7/4 @ 8:30AM ET - Restored

7/4 @ 9:00AM ET - Restored EZforms

7/4 @ 10:30AM ET - Restored myLPFM v2 and various toybox applications

7/4 @ 12:00PM ET - Restored NCE Channel Search.

7/4 @ 12:15PM ET - Restored PREMIS and U/D Calculator.

7/4 @ 2:00PM ET - Restored, Pending Orrder List and other toybox apps on the .net domain.

7/4 @ 5:15PM ET - Restored remaining systems as well as internal systems.  

The purpose of this change was to move critical data sources into their own specific databases.  Traditionally, all of these different data sources existed in the same database because of limitations on previous hosting providers.  As the amount of our data has substantially increased and with the implementation of eLMS, we needed to split up these tables into different databases in order to assure a level of performance.  This meant doing source code modifications on nearly 100+ files.   This change did a long overdue split of the CDBS and LMS databases, which are still a core part of our data.  In order to do this smoothly, we needed to do this complete shutdown.  We also transitioned IBFS to a separate database and completed an already started transition on UK/Ireland broadcast data.  We will eventually need to split out the ULS database, but we do not anticipate a full outage for this change.  

Hopefully, this will improve response time by a few milliseconds or even better.  Thank you for your patience during this long overdue system transition.  There may still be a few bugs that linger.  We will be looking for them, but you are always free to contact REC to let us know about something that functioned one way before July 3 and is now behaving badly in a different way. 

7/4 @ 5:22PM ET - Issue closed. 



Saturday, July 3, 2021
Systems affected:
myLPFM v2
NCE Preliminary Search Tool
Voluntary Public File System
REC Website Content
RealTime Updates
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