Statement of REC Networks: Amazon's updated RF device policy

About a week ago, has announced to their marketplace vendors that in order to sell radio frequency devices, the seller must provide evidence of FCC authorization through providing an FCC certification number or contact for a responsible party as defined by the FCC, or certify that the product is exempt from FCC requirements.   All listings added or updated after February, 2021, must meet these requirements. 

We applaud for finally taking this action, however it does not go far enough.  There are currently devices listed that do not have FCC IDs.  This includes equipment that can be used for broadcast radio piracy, unauthorized transmissions in spectrum used by public safety agencies and operation in spectrum that could be a hazard to aeronautical navigation.  There have been a couple of very high profile equipment marketing cases, such as HobbyKing, that lead to extremely large fines.

Amazon needs to audit the products currently being offered on the service and also to remove unauthorized devices currently in their warehouses.

For more information on unlicensed devices and what types of devices can be used under Part 15, please see