J1 Travel: JR East & New York City MTA, Mobile App

Installed some modifications and added monitoring to support the site changes at JR East in order to obtain train delay information for the Kanto region.  Modifying the code on an ongoing basis to handle the new delay status messages from JR East.  Any JR East delays that the system is able to decode will be displayed.  All issues will be logged.  

Until the new JR East interface is stable, we have curtailed all tweets from the JR East interface to the @j1_travel Twitter account.

J1 Travel now interfaces with the XML feed at the New York City Transit Authority.  The system will decode and display all delay messages (except planned construction) for the New York City Subway lines and the Staten Island Railway. 

In this past week, REC and J1 Radio had launched the new J1 Radio mobile app provided by Aiir.  Currently, the new app is only available with Android.  We expect to have an iOS app launched in late June or early July.  New custom pages were designed to accommodate travel, news and the weekly Top-40 chart.  Custom pages were produced in English only.  Japanese versions may be launched at a future time.


Sunday, June 21, 2020
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J1FM.tokyo website
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