Appendix E: Petitioners in the Creation of Low Power FM Radio Station "Report & Order" MM 99-25

Petition for Reconsideration:

  1. Amherst Alliance
  2. Black, David S.
  3. Bowles, Kenneth W.
  4. Camarillo, Michael
  5. Colorado Christian University
  6. Fox, Craig L.
  7. Jurison, Alan W.
  8. Lawson, James W. and Larry Langford, Jr.
  9. Lohnes and Culver
  10. Minority Media and Telecommunications Council
  11. National Public Radio, Inc.
  12. National Translator Association
  13. New York State Thruway Authority
  14. Schellhardt, Don
  15. Skinner, Rodger
  16. TRA Communications Consultants, Inc.
  17. United Church of Christ, et al. (UCC)

Oppositions to Petitions for Reconsideration:

  1. National Public Radio
  2. United Church of Christ et al. (UCC)

Reply to Opposition to Petitions for Reconsideration:

       1.   National Public Radio