FAQ: LPFM Eligibility & Ownership

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What is considered "legitimate and prudent" expenses? 08/30/2022
FAQ: On the board of the licensee's nonprofit corporation, are we required to have a minimum number of board members/directors? 03/20/2022
FAQ: If I was the person who founded an LPFM station and still operate it, is it appropriate for me to refer to myself as the 'owner' of the station? 12/31/2021
FAQ: Can broker fees or commissions be included in the sale price of an LPFM station assignment? 04/23/2021
FAQ: Can one sell or otherwise transfer control of an LPFM station to a different organization? 11/14/2020
FAQ: Another group never built their granted construction permit and now the permit is about to expire. Can another group "take over" the permit and build it? 11/14/2020
FAQ: Must LPFM stations give public notice of the filing of applications with the FCC? 10/30/2020
If our station is silent, how will our renewal be handled? 10/30/2020
FAQ: I heard that an organization can own more than one LPFM station as long as it is at least 7 miles from another LPFM station they own. Is this true? 06/25/2019
FAQ: The school district operates a PBS or NPR station. Can the district also own a LPFM station? 02/20/2019
FAQ: Is a TIS (traveler's information AM station) considered an attributable interest that would prevent LPFM ownership? 02/19/2019
FAQ: Would a FCC-licensed international broadcast station (shortwave) be considered an attributable interest that would prevent LPFM ownership? 02/19/2019
FAQ: Can a LPFM (or full-service NCE) station be licensed to a "Social Purpose Corporation" 07/25/2018
FAQ: Can an unincorporated association be a LPFM/NCE licensee? 05/15/2015
FAQ: Do I have to have 75% of my board AND my headquarters within 10 or 20 miles of the transmitter? 05/14/2015
FAQ: The Archdiocese has full power broadcast holdings, can a local Catholic church have an LPFM? 05/14/2015
FAQ: Can a school district that does not have any AM, FM or TV holdings but does have Educational Broadband Service (formerly ITFS) have an LPFM? 05/14/2015
FAQ: What was LP-10 (LP10)? 05/14/2015
FAQ: Can the FCC grant a waiver of the Local Community Radio Act? 05/14/2015
FAQ: If I am on the board of an LPFM station, can I also purchase an AM or FM radio station (or be a part owner)? 05/13/2015