REC Statement: Prison collect calls and deceptive calling card marketing practices

REC applauds the Commission on their decision today that provides relief to families who receive collect calls from correctional institutions.  In some cases, families have been billed as much as $14 per minute for phone calls.  Today's decision will provide the families the relief they deserve from the predatory and captive marketing of non-competitive telecommunications service providers. 

In six separate decisions, the Commission also levied $30 million in fines towards calling card providers for deceptive marketing practices.  These cards are used mainly by low income immigrants for making international phone calls.  While the Republican commissioners (Pai and O'Rielly) dissented, a majority of the Commission did the right thing.  Fees for services must be clearly disclosed and not relegated to small print.  

REC supports efforts to eliminate "captive audience" and decepting marketing schemes by telecom providers.

10/7 REC Statement: MX Group #27

REC Networks has asked for a withdrawal of our remaining informal objections in this MX group.  We are satisfied with the progression of negotiations between applicants which can lead to the most effective use of 101.5 in Los Angeles.

REC calls upon the Commission to be flexible due to the unique topography of Southern California, the wide area of where applicants are located and the number of applicants in this uniquely large group. 

REC has faith that the people of Southern California will be the overall winners knowing that when they turn on 101.5, they will be treated to some of radio's most diverse programming. 

REC will remain involved in the negotiations and offers our services at no charge to all MX27 applicants. 


9/29 REC Statement: MX Group #27

Today, REC makes filings with the FCC that will help pave the way for a possible settlement in Los Angeles MX Group #27.   We are withdrawing all Informal Objections against four applicants, National Hispanic Media Coalition, Catalyst Long Beach, Prism Church of Los Angeles and Boyle Heights Art Conservatory. 

As we make these withdrawals, we also strengthen our objections against the gamesmanship that has taken place in this group by several applicants.  

With these four applicants along with the four MegaGroup applicants, we do feel that we can reach an agreement that the FCC will agree with even if it takes waivers.  The FCC also needs to come to bat and deal with the issues. 

If the FCC will take action on the Cesar Guel applications in Los Angeles, we can bring more applicants on board (and I am willing to work with the issues related to gamesmanship).  

Let's try to make this work. 


Statement of REC Networks: Los Angeles MX Group #27

REC supports a technical solution to resolve the disputes in MX Group #27 in a manner that assures that stations serve the areas that they were originally filed for and that the issues of alleged collusion and alleged gamesmanship are appropriately addressed.  REC will be taking steps that will help pave the way to a solution while continuing to address these issues.

FCC approves revised rules for on-air contests

From the September 17, 2015, Commission Meeting, the FCC has approved new rules that modernize on-air contests. Under the previous rules, terms and conditions of radio station contests had to be announced over the air.  This was lengthy and many stations relegated these required announcements to overnight periods.  Under the new rules, radio stations can now opt to announcing the station's website over the air and providing a link to the contest information. 

Under the newly revised rules, broadcast stations running contests: