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LPFM CPs are expiring soon. We have discounts for LPFMs on the verge of expiring. [learn more]


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Ajit Pai has announced that the first filing window should take place this summer. What AM and LPFM stations need to know.

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FCC opens restricted FM translator filing window for non-commercial MX (2003 Window) applicants

On November 16, 2015, the FCC opened a filing window for 69 non-commercial educational (NCE) translator applications filed during the 2003 Auction 83 "Great Translator Invasion" window which remain mutually exclusive.

These 69 applicants must file a full Form 349 including section IV for Point System Factors.

The 69 applicants, divided into 31 groups will have until December 16, 2015 where they can make "minor" changes to their applications.  Any major changes, new conflicts or new mutually exclusitivity will result in dismissal with no opportunity to amend. 

MX applicants are in Alaska, Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Virginia.  Most groups are two applicants.  One group spanning Indiana and Kentucky has 4 applicants. 

Applications will be accepted first-come, first-served.  There is no application freeze for LPFM.

If mutual exclusitivity remains after December 16, 2015, a point system will be used.  7 total points are possible:

REC Statement: Prison collect calls and deceptive calling card marketing practices

REC applauds the Commission on their decision today that provides relief to families who receive collect calls from correctional institutions.  In some cases, families have been billed as much as $14 per minute for phone calls.  Today's decision will provide the families the relief they deserve from the predatory and captive marketing of non-competitive telecommunications service providers. 

In six separate decisions, the Commission also levied $30 million in fines towards calling card providers for deceptive marketing practices.  These cards are used mainly by low income immigrants for making international phone calls.  While the Republican commissioners (Pai and O'Rielly) dissented, a majority of the Commission did the right thing.  Fees for services must be clearly disclosed and not relegated to small print.  

REC supports efforts to eliminate "captive audience" and decepting marketing schemes by telecom providers.