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REC's family of online tools are available to perform research, stay informed, answer your questions, check on the potential for a change and in some cases, request changes to your LPFM station.  (Please note that these sites are best viewed on a desktop or tablet device.)
The most comprehensive broadcast data inquiry tool out there.  FCCdata includes substantial engineering data on every broadcast facility in North America using information from the FCC and Industry Canada.  FCCdata can also search US Amateur Radio Service data as well as information on broadcast stations in Japan, UK, Ireland and Australia. is your portal into the daily doings on the FCC's Media Bureau.  The FCC's CDBS database is checked once every 10 minutes to provide users with real-time data on applications that Media Bureau staff are working on. can also be used to review the previous day's applications filed.  This can be handy if you have an LPFM or translator station as it can point to potential encroachment from another station and gives you more time to prepare. 

REC Knowledge Base (FAQ)
A growing database of questions and answers have been received by REC as well as those that have been asked and answered on social media.  The REC Knowledge Base should be the first go-to place if you have a question about station operations or the FCC rules.

The tool that REC has been most famous for.  myLPFM allows users to be able to search for potential LPFM channels at their site.  Outside of the window, this tool can be handy for LPFM stations seeking to move sites or needing to change channels because of interference.  Additional functionality on myLPFM provides more information on "encroachment" (incoming signals) from neighboring stations that can impact the LPFM station.  

REC EZforms
Self service filing of FCC Form 319 to cover a construction permit or modify a station license.  EZforms also supports requests to extend the expiration of a construction permit.  There are fees to use the services provided through EZforms but they are normally less expensive than using REC Full Service

Spare Call Sign List
Updated daily!  Shows the availability of potential call signs based on call letters not assigned in the FCC's broadcast database.  Includes call signs that may be assigned to the maritime services. 

AM Translator 250 Mile List
Used to find FM translators located within 250 miles of an AM station as part of the 2016 AM Revitalization major move opportunity window.

LPFM Grant List
Shows a listing of all LPFM grants from the 2013 filing window in order.

Radio History Project Station List
Shows all of the stations for which REC has entered FCC History Card data (1920s~1970s) which are reflected in the listings at

LPAM (Low Power AM) Channel Search
Search tool devloped around the time that RM-11287 was filed to propose a low power AM broadcasting service featuring 30 and 100 watt stations.  REC's tool reflects spacing criteria developed and proposed by REC by modifying the proposal of Frederick Baumgartner.  For more infromation on REC's 2006 proposal, see our legacy LPAM Page and LPAM Fact Sheet. Those considering to operate a micro-power Part 15 AM broadcast transmitter may find this search data helpful to find a channel between 1620~1700 kHz.

LPFM Pending Application List
Shows all currently pending applications involving LPFM stations.

Field Strength Curves
Calculate field strength curves used in broadcast radio and television.