Information needed for the 2023 LPFM Window

- Name of corporation as on file with the state.
- State that it is incorporated in.

If your organization is not incorporated or is currently in a suspended status, we can't take it.  

- Location of LPFM station (including where on the property the tower/mast will go).
- Site assurance: First/last name and telephone number of the person who stated that if a construction permit is granted, your organization would be able to build there.  Also their relationship to the site (are they the tower owner or an authorized representative). 

If you can't provide the site and site assurance information, we can't take it.  

- Height of the tower/mast at the proposed site.
- Channel/frequency that is going to be proposed.

No leased tower sites this late in the game.  (American Tower, Crown Castle, SBA, etc.)

Don't worry as much about the channel, but we absolutely need to know either 

  • How tall of a tower you are able to build at your site (given budget, safety, liability, zoning  laws, etc.)  If you do not know this, we can't proceed.. it's too late.
  • Don't worry about picking a channel right now, we will figure that out for you.

- Organization's mailing address.
- Organization's physical headquarters address, if different.
- Information about each board member including first/last name, title, residential address, telephone number, email address and if not a US citizen, the country of citizenship.
- FCC Registration Number (FRN) and related password (see below).
- Organization's main telephone number.
- Organization's main email address.
- Community of license that you wish to use for your station on the top of the hour announcements.
- Educational statement (see below).
- LPFM Point System factors: Does the applicant pledge to broadcast a minimum of 8-hours of locally produced (within 10 miles) programs per day?
- LPFM Point System factors: Does the applicant pledge to staff a local (within 10 miles) main studio at least 20 hours per week?
- If the main studio pledge is claimed, please provide the address and telephone number for the location that will be the likely main studio.

Also, if you do not have a FRN, a properly prepared educational statement or you can't provide complete information about your board members, we can't work with you.  We have no time to wait for this.

After Stage 4, we will invoice and we clear a final check, we expect immediate payment.  If it is not paid by December 11, the request will be cancelled.  WE ARE NOT MAKING ANY FILINGS ON THE LAST DAY OF THE WINDOW, no exceptions!

- This is when we enter the information into the FCC's system to prepare it for release during the filing window.  No action on your part may be necessary in this Stage unless we have additional questions.

If your organization is already an FCC licensee for other non-broadcast radio services (such as land mobile radio), please provide us with your FCC assigned FRN and its associated password.  
You may not use an FRN that was previously assigned to an individual (such as in connection with an amateur radio license).
If you do not have an FRN, please do the following:

Visit the FCC's CORES system at:
Register for a new FRN.  Information on how to use CORES can be found in Page 8 of the Applicant Handbook.

Think about your organization, its current educational objectives and how the radio station will advance those educational objectives through over-the-air programming that you educate your community.   The statement must describe the organization, it's educational objectives and how the station will be used to advance those educational objectives through on-air teaching/instruction.

For a sample educational statement, see: