Sample Educational Statement for Noncommercial Educational (NCE) and Low Power FM (LPFM) applicants

The National Council for the Promotion of Basket Weaving was founded in 1989 with the educational objective of promoting the art of weaving baskets for aesthetic and practical purposes.  Since then, the National Council has been hosting classroom training to help artists and other crafters develop their skills. 

The radio station will advance our educational program through the on-air teaching of the various techniques that we train in our classes as well as introduce those who are interested in the craft to the basics of basket weaving.  In addition, we will provide guidance on how to practice proper safety while weaving baskets and provide instructional information on practical uses of weaved baskets. 

We will also be working with local senior citizen groups to present topics that are of importance to our older generation including information on how to navigate Medicaid, Medicare and the VA as well as instruction on how to avoid getting scammed, a major concern within the senior community. 

Sample programming includes:

BASKET BASICS -  Information for those ready to jump in but don't know where to go.  Learn about the right materials to use and learn about world culture through their baskets. 

SCAM WATCH - Each week, Scam Watch informs the community on the latest scams that people receive by phone and by email and how to avoid them, such as how scammers use gift cards as a way of stealing money from you.  After each episode, listeners will be more scam aware and know when something is too good to be true.