REC Networks Privacy Policy

REC Networks uses IP tracking as well as general logging to assure the integrity of our network and to identify issues with our sites and applications. This IP tracking normally does not carry any specific identifying information on an individual. IP addresses can be cross-referenced with ARIN to determine the owner of a specific IP address. While normally this is an ISP or a company, individuals who have IP addresses registered with ARIN would be able to be identified by IP address. An extremely large number of internet users do not fall under this category.

Application Logs
Various REC applications, such as those used for our broadcasting databases may collect and store information regarding the specific transaction including the nature of the request (such as location, channel, etc.). This information may be used by REC to determine demand for Low Power FM stations but we do not disclose any details of any specific transaction. With the exception of IP addresses (see above), no user identifiable information is collected in this transaction.

Message Boards
REC may provide public message boards for the reception, storage and transmission of text and graphical messages. The message board software may ask for user identifiable information in order to maintain the integrity of the bulletin board service and to provide future customer service and support.

Participation on message boards are prohibited by persons under the age of 13 in complaince with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

myLPFM Services
REC Networks is the provider of broadcast support services at ("myLPFM Services"). 

While authentication is not necessary to use myLPFM Search, registration is necessary to use advanced features of myLPFM Search as well as other myLPFM Services. 

During the registration process, REC will request personally identifiable information such as a user's name, affilliated organization and E-mail address. 

Those of us at REC hate receiving spam and we will not be a party to it.  Personally identifiable information will not be sold, rented or otherwise distributed to any other organization outside of REC Networks. 

REC may use your e-mail address to contact you about broadcast services provided directly by REC Networks as well as information on updates to the myLPFM Services.  Users may opt-out of these e-mails by selecting an appropriate option on the myLPFM Services User Profile page.  Such e-mails would be limited to REC Broadcast Services and is not extended to other REC properties (such as J1 Radio).

REC may provide our allied third-party organizations with aggregate information regarding searches conducted using the tool either with or without authentication.  In all cases, REC will not provide any user identifable information nor will we provide any information about saved sites. 

REC currently uses PHP session authentication to maintain the authenticated user experience.  This may result in cookies being placed in your browser from REC.  These cookies are only used at REC in order to maintain a logged-in session.

During active fundraising campaigns, third party content may appear from ChipIn.   Click here for the ChipIn privacy policy.

The authenticated portions as well as the registration process of myLPFM Services are not available to persons under the age of 13.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact REC Networks.