2000-01 Filing Window Archive Documents

This page contains links to REC historical documents related to the first LPFM filing windows in 2000 and 2001.

MX Groups

State Settlement Plans
These documents were released July 1, 2002 and were recommendations for LPFM applicants who have competing applications using a coordinator approach for settling mutually exclusive (MX) applications. NOTE: These documents were produced prior to the Radio Broadcast Protection Act. Many of these MX groups were dismissed on March 17, 2003.
North Dakota/South Dakota
New Mexico

Tucson area MX applications (05/01/2002)

Applicants who participated in REC's MAX (Mutual Applicant Exchange) Program (an attempt to create a computer program that would encourage MX applicants to reach settlement agreements) (11/02/2002)

The Master List - Listing of all LPFM applications in REC's Area of Interest at the time (AZ, NV and Southern California) and their status at the time. (11/02/2002)

REC LPFM Progress Report for So. Cal, Arizona and Nevada (12/10/2002)

REC LPFM "MX" Settlement Plan for Windows I, II and III (09/03/2003)

REC LPFM "MX" Settlement Plan for Window IV (10/03/2003)

REC LPFM "MX" Settlement Plan for Windows I, II and III update to advise of other application activity (10/20/2003)

Low Power FM Multi-Station Group Update - An inventory of LPFM stations that are mutually exclusive and their current status. This also includes some information on LPFM stations that reached time share agreements and the terms of their agreements. (07/25/2003)

REC LPFM Scoring Update for MX Windows I, II and III - Information on groups that did not reach agreements and what may happen next. (01/04/2004)

Other documents

Listing of LPFM applications that specified transmitter locations outside of the USA (or in the middle of the ocean) (10/16/2002)

LPFM Population Study - This report ranked the LPFM stations and pending applications at the time by potential population within their service contours. I am not sure which population model we used at the time (Census block, census block group, ZIP Code tabulation area or Gazetteer). (02/10/2005)