SIRIUS Satellite Radio - FM channel search - once powered by REC

At one time, REC Networks provided a tool called FMFIND that would search for potential FM frequencies to be used by Part 15 devices such as very low power broadcast transmitters and consumer devices. 

Once the call center at Sirius satellite radio (this was before the merger with XM) discovered the site, REC's server was hit to the point were causing the server to crash.  As a result, REC had reached out to Sirius regarding this usage.  What transpired from this was a relationship between REC and Sirius in the mid-2000s where REC would provide the FMFIND algorythm to Sirius which in turn was licensed back to REC.  This meant that Sirius would be able to provide this information to their customers while taking a huge load off of our servers thus making our hosting provider happy.  

It's been a decade since that relationship had concluded as far as we know, Sirius/XM no longer uses the REC technology.  

Sirius/XM still operates an FM channel search tool similar in fashion to the product delivered to them by REC. We have not determined whether it is updated to reflect the translator filings of 2016, 2017 and 2018 but if you want to give it a try, it can be found at:

It was fun for REC to work on what we called at the time, Project Inuhoshi.   This was an important part of REC's history of providing entertainment, information and support since July 20, 1984!