eLMS Service Increase

Currently, eLMS updates run every 15 minutes throughout the day on weekdays and every 60 minutes on evenings and throughout the weekend.

Starting on Monday, March 25, 2024, REC's eLMS system will be increasing its schedule for updates from the FCC to bring our weekday schedules back to older levels.  

These eLMS updates drive the updated information you see at FCC.today, FCCdata.org, the REC Filing Window Tracking Tool and other REC services using the eLMS infrastructure.

This will be of greatest benefit to those who regularly use FCC.today, the website to keep a dashboard view on Media Bureau broadcast licensing activity.

The new schedule will be as follows:

Daily morning update including LMS raw data load at 7:05 AM ET (daylight time) / 6:05 AM ET (standard time).

eLMS updates to refresh the information on FCC.today and contained in other REC tools:

Days of the Week During Daylight Saving Time During Standard Time Frequency
Monday~Friday 8:04 AM ~ 7:54 PM 7:04 AM ~ 6:54 PM Every 10 minutes
Monday~Friday 8:04 PM ~ 11:34 PM 7:04 PM ~ 10:34 PM Every 30 minutes
Satuday ~ Sunday 8:04 AM ~ 11:04 PM 7:04 AM ~ 10:04 PM Every 60 minutes

On federal holdiays, eLMS runs on the normal Moday~Friday schedule.


Saturday, March 23, 2024
Systems affected: 
Filing Window Tracking Tool
REC Website Content
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