Restore public notice functionality

eLMS functionality that parses FCC daily "Applications" public notices has been restored to work with the LMS Relay functionality in time for the acceptance for filing of the 2023 LPFM Window applications.

Once per hour, eLMS will check the FCC to see if the daily Applications public notice has been released and if so, it will download the notice and parse the data from it.  Applications that are considered as 'Accepted for Filing' will be updated in the Application and Application List functionality.  

This functionality results in REC systems such as FCCdata replicating the "Accepted for Filing" application status that the FCC used to have with CDBS.  In the LMS environment, the only way to see if an application is accepted for filing is to search for the Public Notice using the PN Search in LMS Public View, which is a multi-step process.  

LPFM window applications that are accepted for filing will show in some lists on the Window Tracking Tool with a indigo background. 

This service has been reactivated since January 2, 2024.  We are aware that records from mid July to the end of December are not in eLMS.  We will be working on a project to recover that public notice data.


Wednesday, January 3, 2024
Systems affected:
Filing Window Tracking Tool
RealTime Updates
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