Add objection flags and link to correspondence file

These enhancements are for radio applications only.
If the FCC takes action on an application that previously had a Petition to Deny or Informal Objection on it, there will be a new red indicator "Prev Objection". Clicking on that indicator will take you to the correspondence file at the FCC's website. Usually, there will be an imported file with today's date that includes the FCC's decision document.

If an application was dismissed, regardless of whether there was an objection, you can click on the "Dismissed" indicator and it will take you to the FCC correspondence file.

Sometimes, there may not be a letter there because either the applicant requested it dismissed or the FCC decided to dismiss and not send a letter. To check for this, click on the application reference number (BPL-20181212FGH), then "Info", then "Public Notice Comment". That will be the text that will appear in the Daily Digest Broadcast Actions document a few days later.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018
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