FCC FORTRAN source code

Here is the FORTRAN source code used for various FCC programs. We have used these sources to design the C and Perl code used for the database programs we use here at REC. These source code files are in the public domain from the FCC. REC does not provide ANY support for these sources. We don't know squat about FORTRAN, just enough to convert them to other languages. Keep in mind, this code also includes the proposed then rejected "LP-1000" (1kW @ 60m HAAT) service.

Propagation Curves

TVFMFS.FOR - Program used to determine interference and service contours.

ITPLBV.FOR - Subroutine used for TVFMFS.

LPFM Study Sources

Prior to the 99-25 rulemaking, the FCC has conducted a report to determine LPFM availability
in major cities. This includes the source code needed to determine spacing and some of this
code has been converted for use here at REC.

WATERPTS.FOR - This routine identifies gridpoints at the water level for cities near water level.

UPPER.FOR - Converts characters to upper case.

CA_SEP.FOR - Measures distance using the formula in the US-Canada FM agreement.

MX_SEP6.FOR - Measures distance using the formula in the US-Mexico FM agreement.

LENGTH.FOR - Returns an integer of the length of a string.

TVFMFS_M.FOR - Same as TVFMFS.FOR but with metric units.

READTVDB.FOR - Read TV database file (pre-CDBS).

READTVDB.FOR - Read FM database file (pre-CDBS).

BTWEEN.FOR - Bearing, Distance and Midpoint Latitude.

FX_ZONE.FOR - Determines correct zone for a translator.

RULES_US.FOR - Measures distance between two points using domestic FM rules.

RULES_US.FOR - Measures distance between two points using Canadian FM Agreement.

RULES_US.FOR - Measures distance between two points using Mexican FM Agreement.

LPFM.FOR - Determines if an LPFM channel is available at a particular location.

TV6_SEP.FOR - Determines Channel 6 separation required for LPFM stations.

MAKEFILE.FOR - Removes characters that are not valid in a VAX file name.

LPFM_DST.FOR - Subroutine used to find LPFM channels.

FX_CONTR.FOR - Measures distance to translator contours based on HAAT and kW.

US_SEP.FOR - Minimum separation table for domestic stations.

DMS2DEG.FOR - Turns Degrees/Minutes/Seconds to decimal format.

Enjoy the sources and please remember to use our broadcast tools!