FCC delays LPFM window at the community's request

The Audio Division at the FCC has announced today that the filing window for the Third Generation LPFM Filing Window has been delayed until December 6 through December 13, 2023.  

This request was made by a consortium of LPFM and community radio advocates including:

  • Alliance for Community Media
  • American Association of Independent Music
  • Association of Affilliates
  • Austin Airwaves
  • Common Frequency
  • Community Media Assistance Project (CMAP)
  • Future of Music Coalition
  • Indigenous Idaho Alliance
  • National Federation of Community Broadcasters
  • Media Alliance
  • Native Public Media
  • Pacifica Foundation
  • Prometheus Radio Project
  • Sharon Scott / LPFM For Dummies
  • United Church of Christ Media Justice Ministry
  • and REC Networks.

This change was requested to afford sufficient time for parties to prepare applications for new construction permits.   This will allow for boards and governments, including tribal governments which may have just an an opportunity to "green light" an LPFM project the ability to actually have enough time to identify a site and prepare an application.  It will also allow non-licensee attendees of the Grassroots Radio Conference, the opportunity to properly prepare an application without having to be rushed.  

Since REC discontinued taking Show of Interest requests, we continued to receive requests for new LPFM construction permits.  On Saturday, October 14, 2023, we reopened the Show of Interest system to allow for "well prepared" applicants to make Show of Interest requests to REC for application preparation.  So far, REC is currently working with over 50 different organizations in various stages of the process, many of which have already completed the process, meaning that we do have sufficient capacity to take on a second wave of applicants.  REC will look at removing some of the restrictions in LPFM.app that were put in place to accommodate a short time period before the open of the window.  While we would want LPFM applicants to be as prepared as possible, the additional time will give these applicants more breathing room to gather the information needed.  

The current filing freeze on FM translator and existing LPFM stations will remain in effect.   

Expect another news release from REC regarding new LPFM.app requirements and status of our embargo on services for existing stations.  We will also update LPFM Advisory Letters as appropriate. 

REC thanks the Media Bureau for their consideration and seeing the public interest that such a short delay will allow.