Morning updates (FCC)

Every morning (Monday~Sunday) at 8AM ET, the REC Data Store for US (FCC) broadcasting, performs an update.  This includes the deletion and rewriting of CDBS and LMS raw data files, one table at a time, and then several supporting programs run.  This update has been nortoriously slow at times and depending on what is being updated during the process, most information is still available through the tool. 

To speed up the update process, we have frozen the following CDBS database tables:

  • cdbs_renewal_translator_group
  • cdbs_dtv_agreement_group
  • dtv_facility
  • cdbs_dtv_transition
  • cdbs_dtv_channel_assignments

The DTV tables are centered around the 2009 conversion from analog to digital television and have not been updated in years.  The renewal_translator_group is no longer used as renewal applications are now filed in LMS.

We have removed several programs (such as those related to the Class C4 proposal and those supporting discontinued REC applications) from the daily run. 

We note that this weekend, we will make fixes to some of the support programs that still run once per day in order to better support the LMS and eLMS environments. 

We note that CDBS is still actively used for:

  • AM broadcast station engineering applications
  • Assignment/Transfer applications in all services
  • Special temporary authority applications in the radio broadcast services
  • Silent notifications and resumption of operations in the radio broadcast services
  • Digital notifications in the radio broadcast services.
  • Change of address of CDBS data (REC also recommends filing an administrative update in LMS) in all services.
  • Pleadings and responses on applications that were filed in CDBS.


Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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