CDBSBOT v.3 + Contour map fix

REC Networks has released CDBSBOT version 3.  This is a process used internally by REC.  It provides the real time updates that you see on  In this change, we added new support to update the eLMS Application Lists.  No engineering or other detailed information is carried over in this application.  

The only new engineering applications coming through CDBS is FM STAs, all AM applications and digital notifications (all currently not supported by eLMS on an engineering level).

We made a fix to address an issue that Class B and B1 stations in the commercial band were showing with maps out to 60 dBu instead of 54 or 57 dBu.  We will run a true-up overnight on all impacted stations to assure the data is correct.


Tuesday, September 15, 2020
Systems affected:
RealTime Updates
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