REC to discontinue two webcasts

Starting on February 1, REC will discontinue POWERPUFF-FM and Hardcore 2.

Today, REC Networks has announced that the long running webcast of cartoon and novelty music POWERPUFF-FM will be discontinued. POWERPUFF-FM started back several years ago as a listening companion to the POWERPUFF.COM website.

Anime Hardcore Radio 2 is dubbed as the "lighter side of anime" and played slower music from Japanese animation.

At one time, REC had as many as 9 different webcasts. Previous REC webcasts have been discontinued as a result of the royalty fees imposed by the recording industry.

REC will still continue to operate the very popular broadcasts Hardcore One that plays music from today's Japanese animation series as well as all time favorites and Hardcore J that plays Japanese chart music.

REC thanks everyone for listening to POWERPUFF-FM and Hardcore 2 and we hope you listen to Hardcore One and Hardcore J.