NOT LMS READY: LPFM Scoreboard (click for details)

9/29/2019 While NOT LMS READY, there is no engineering data for applications filed through LMS for FM radio on or after September 25, 2019. This means that applications filed through LMS will not reflecting in these systems thus resulting in false positive search results or incorrect counts. Development is continuing and we hope to have full LMS deployment by the middle of October. Thank you for your understanding.

10/08/2019 - UD Calculator now LMS READY.

10/10/2019 - myLPFM v. 2 now LMS READY

10/10/2019 - NCE Search is now LMS READY

10/10/2019 - PREMIS has been verified LMS READY

11/24/2019 - EZFORMS is now LMS READY

01/12/2020 - LPFM Scoreboard has been DISCONTINUED.


Sunday, September 29, 2019
Systems affected: 
REC Website Content
Issue type: 
FCC issue