LPFM.us Broadcaster Console

Use this site to update your station's listing at LPFM.us.
If you have used REC Networks in the past for filing services and we have your FRN password on file or your station is participating in the LPFM Voluntary Public Inspection File System (VPIF), then please enter the appropriate password and you can edit your station's data for instant publication on LPFM.us.
If your password does not work, you have never used REC Networks for filing services or the station does not participate in VPIF, then leave the password field blank. You will still be able to update the station's information. The information will be manually reviewed and validated before being published on LPFM.us.


LPFM station Facility ID number:

If you need your Facility ID number, please visit https://fccdata.org.
Enter your FRN password, VPIF password or leave blank:

If your password does not work or REC has never collected your password in the past, please leave the field blank. You will still be able to make updates to your station's record but that update will require a manual review by REC before publication.
- By clicking this box, I certify that I represent the LPFM station licensee and I have been authorized to make this change and that all information entered is correct. I also certify that I will not use this system or the listings on LPFM.us for commercial purposes.
Thank you for your participation!