Low Power AM Radio (LPAM)

Low Power AM (LPAM) is a term that is currently used to identify legal very low power stations operating under Part 15 of the FCC rules. For more information about this service, check out WWW.PART15.US. The FCC docketed a Petition for Rulemaking jointly filed by the Amherst Alliance, Michigan Music is World Class!, the LPAM Network, Don Shellhardt, and co-author of one of the two LPFM petitions, Nickolaus Leggett. This petition was assigned RM-11287 by the FCC. The coment period ended on November 21, 2005. In late April 2006, the Joint Petitioners along with other signers (including REC) filed a revised petition to streamline the proposal to use technical standards similar to 10 watt Traveler's Information Stations (TIS). REC supports many of the technical portions of the revised proposal but we continue to disagree with the majority who wish to see a commercial service and especially a commercial service "without auctions". REC reserves the right to file individual comments to this petition. The 10 watt limit changes our position statement on the maximum power. A previous petition was filed by Frederick M Baumgartner. This petition was erroniously filed by the FCC in a proceeding for broadcast localism. Regretfully, there appears to have been no movement on this project and until there's any new activity on this initiative, we are not moving on it. For the sake of history and the potential for movement given the most recent proposals to transition AM broadcasters to the 76-88 MHz band, we will provide some of the documents that appeared on our former LPAM.ws website.

REC Comments on LPAM

Other documents of interest