FAQ: Is LP-250 only for upgrades or will it also be for new stations?

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The next LPFM window will come before the FCC has had a chance to consider and codify LP-250.  We have been assured by the FCC that RM-11909 will not delay the next LPFM window.

From that point, the decision will be up to the FCC.

REC's position is that LP-250 should not be offered during filing windows.  Instead, stations should initially apply as LP-100 stations during the window and then can upgrade to LP-250 at a later date.  This is to assure that as many applicants as possible can obtain some form of LPFM station and that we will have fewer groups of competing (mutually exclusive) applicants. 

REC is proposing that an upgrade from LP-100 to LP-250 should be allowed as a simple minor change application once an "upgrade window" period has passed.


RM-11909 REC "Simple 250" Petition for Rulemaking
Answer Date: 
Wednesday, June 2, 2021