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These are all of the application types used in eLMS as well as their comparable codes in CDBS, LMS, IBFS and REC History Project.  LMS codes with a virgule ("/") indicate the purpose code/sub-purpose code.

Application types in BOLD are supported by eLMS and the applist_* tables.  Other application types will only show in the applist_* tables.

On many LMS/eLMS era type codes, if an "A" is appended to the end of the code (examples: L2CA, MODA, CPEA, etc.), this will indicate an amendment.  The exception is Legal STAs, which uses the code "STAM" (engineering STAs, once implemented into eLMS will use the code STAW for amendments).

On many LMS/eLMS era type codes, if a "W" is appended to the end of the code (examples: "MODW", "RENAW", etc.), this will indicate a withdrawal.  The exception is for original construction permits where the W comes before the code (WCP, WCPA, WCPE, WCPEA). 

(* - indicates that full eLMS flow through is under development)

eLMS CDBS LMS IBFS Radio History Project Description of code
107       O107 Order 107  (wartime reduction of output power)
10A       O107A Order 107-A  (restore station to full power)
317   SCH/317     Ancillary/Suppmentary Services Report
381   SCH/381     Schedule 381 Certification
381A   SCH/381     Schedule 381 Certification amendment
399   399     (Repack) Incentive Auction Broadcaster Relocation Reimbursement
399X         Form 399 Eligibility
39C   399ELG     (Repack) Incentive Auction Eligibility Certification
ADM CHNA NTF/UPD     Administrative Update
AGN AL, AP, CT, APL AGN ASG AL, AP, APL, BAL Assignment of liecnse and/or construction permit
AGNA AL, AP, CT, APL AGN ASG AL, AP, APL, BAL Assignment of liecnse and/or construction permit - amendment
AGNS       ASCA Assignment of Subsidiary Communications Authority
AGNW         Withdraw Assignment of License
ALC       ALLOC Allocation (1920s)
AMD AMD AMD     Amendment (note: many application types have their own codes for amendments)
AMDW         Withdraw Amendment
AMX SMOV       Dummy record for AM Expanded Band
ANF AF       Ancillary Fee
ANP ANPN       (DTV conversion) Analog Nightlight-Preapproved Eligible Station
ANR ANRP       (DTV conversion) Analog Nightlight-Revocation
AST BNAT       (DTV conversion) Analog Service Termination Notification
ATI ATIU       (DTV conversion) Analog Termination Information Update
ATIF CTAS       (DTV conversion) Certification/Alternate Showing: Analog term. on 2/17/2009
CER CER       (DTV conversion) DTV pre-election certification
CNL   CNL     Cancellation of License
CNV   CON     License to convert (related to ATSC3)
CNVA   CON     License to convert (related to ATSC3) - amendment
CNVW         Withdraw License to Convert
CON CONS CNSNTF     Notice of Consummation
CONN NONS       Notice of Non-Consummation
CONW         Withdraw Notice of Consummation
CONX CONX CNSEXT     Extension of Consummation
CP NP CP C/P NP, XP Original construction permit (also used in Radio History Project for new auxiliary facilities)
CPA NP CP C/P NP, XP Original construction permit - amendment
CPE   CP/NCE     Original construction permit for NCE FM broadcast station
CPEA   CP/NCE     Original constrcution permit for NCE FM broadcast station - amendment
CPR   CPR     (Kidvid) Children's Television Programming Report
CPRA   CPR     Children's Television Programming Report Amendment
CPS SF       Construction Permit Short Form Application
CPX EXP       Experimental Construction Permit
CRP RP       Renew Expired Construction Permit
CSAC   L2C/CSA     License to cover-existing channel sharing agreement
CSAN   L2C/NEWCSA     License to cover-new channel sharing agreement
CSRC   CSRS/CHA     Call Sign Request (Change)
CSRCA   CSRS/CHA     Call Sign Request (Change) Amendment
CSRE   CSRS/EXC     Call Sign Request (Exchange)
CSREA   CSRS/EXC     Call Sign Request (Exchange) Amendment
CSRI   CSRS/INI     Call Sign Request (Permittee Initial)
CSRIA   CSRS/INI     Call Sign Request (Permittee Initial) Amendment
CSRT   CSRS/TRA     Call Sign Request (Transfer/Assignment)
CSRTA   CSRS/TRA     Call Sign Request (Transfer/Assignment) Amendment
DCA   L2C/CON     Convert Digital LPTV to Class A (license to cover)
DCAM   L2C/MOD     Convert Digital LPTV to Class A (modification)
DCC DCC MOD/COM     Digital Companion Channel
DER DER       (DTV conversion) DTV Education Report
DFC DFC MOD/FLA     Digital Flash Cut
DIG DN NTF/DGT     Digital Notification (conversions to HD Radio)
DIR Z, XZ       AM Direct Measurement
DIS DIS       Displacement
DISA DIS       Displacement Amendment
DRT DRT       Digital Replacement Translator
DTR DTR       (DTV conversion) DTV Transition Report
DTU DTU       (DTV conversion) DTV Transition Update
EBS       EBSA Emergency Broadcast System Authorization
EEO B (prefix B396), BAD EEO/396     Broadcast Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Report
EEOA         Broadcast Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Report - amendment
EEOB B (prefix BIES)       EEO Initial Election Statement
EEOE B (no prefix or prefix B395B)       EEO Annual Employment Report
EEOM B (prefix B397)       EEO Mid-Term Report
EEOP B (prefix B396A)       EEO Model Program Report
EXP EXP       Experimental
EXT   EXT     Extension of CP
EXTA   EXT     Extension of CP Amendment
EXTE   EXT/ENG     Extend Engineering STA
EXTL   EXT/LEG     Extend Legal STA
EXTO   EXT/SSL     Extend Suspension of Operations and Silent STA
EXTS RSAX EXT/SIL     Extend Silent STA
EXTW         Extension of CP withdrawal
EXTZ   EXT/EXP     Extend Experimental STA
FOR   L2C/317     Foreign Station
FORP FP       Permission To Deliver Programming To A Foreign Station  (NOTE: eLMS currently does not support 325 authorizations, but we may add this in the future).
FRC FRC       (DTV conversion) First Round Conflict
FRE FRE       (DTV conversion) First Round Election
IP IP IP   IP Interim Permit
IPM MIP       Modification of Interim Permit
L2C L, LIC, BL, BXL, XL L2C LIC L, X, XL License to Cover Construction Permit
L2CA         License to Cover - amendment
L2CW         Withdraw License to Cover
L2CX LEX       License to Cover - Experimental
MAJ MAP, MJA, MJP MOD/MAJ     Construction Permit for Major Modification
MAJA         Construction Permit for Major Modification - amendment
MAJW         Withdraw Major Modification
MCV         Modification to Convert
MDC   NTF/MDCL     Modulation Dependent Carrier Level notification (AM stations)
MIS MISC     MISC Miscellaneous
ML ML, MXL, XML MOD/MIN   ML, XML Modification of License
ML3A   MOD/ATSC3A     Modification of License - ATSC3
ML3C   MOD/ATSC3C     Modification of License - ATSC3
MLA         Modification of License - amendment
MLS         Modification of License - Channel Sharing
MLW         Withdraw Modification of License
MOD MIA, MP, MXP, P, XP MOD MOD P Construction Permit for Minor Modification
MODA       BMP, MP Construction Permit for Minor Modification - amendment
MODC   MOD/NEWCSA     Minor Modification - New Channel Sharing
MODD   MOD/DIS     Minor Modification - Displacement
MODM         Minor Modification of Construction Permit
MODS   MOD/CSA     Minor Modification - Channel Sharing
MODW         Withdraw Minor Modification
MODX EP ECP, EP   EP Extension of Construction Permit
MOM MML       AM Method of Moments
MSA       MSA Modification of STA
MST   NTF/MST   CHMS Change of Main Studio
MSW MSW     MSW Main Studio Waiver
NAL NAL       Notice of Apparent Liability
NAR       NARBA North American Radio Broadcasting Agreement assigned frequency
NDE       NDEA, NEDA National Defense Emergency Authorization
NOT       NOTE, RHP Radio History Project Note
NTA NTAS       (DTV conversion) Notification of Termination-Analog Service
NTF   NTF     Notification
OWR OA, ON, OP, OR, OS, OL CB23, CNB23, NCB23, NCNB23     Ownership Report
OWRA         Ownership Report - amendment
P4R PETR       Petition for Reconsideration
PLN PLAN       Plan
PSC         Change in Primary Station
PTS PTA NTF/PTA     Program Test Authority
RC RC     BRC, RC Remote Control Authorization
RCC       CHRC Change Remote Control Location
REA REAT       (DTV conversion) Revocation of Early Analog Termination
REN R, LR REN RWL   Renewal of License
RENA         Renewal of License - amendment
RENW         Withdraw Renewal of License
RES SRES NTF/RES     Resumption of Operation
RESW         Withdraw Resumption of Operation
RPN   NTF/RED     Reduced Power Notification
RSB       RSB Radio Service Bulletin Listing
RUL   RUL/CHA     Channel Substitution/Community of License Change
RULA         Channel Substitution/Community of License Change (rulemaking) amendment
RXP       RXP Unknown Status
SCA SCA     SCA Subsidiary Communications Authority
SCAM MSCA     MSCA Modify Subsidiary Communications Authority
SILN SN     SN Silent Notification
SILW         Withdraw Silent STA
SILX RSAN     RSAN Remain Silent Notification
SRC SRC       (DTV conversion) Second Round Conflict
SRE SRE       (DTV conversion) Second Round Election
STA STA, IX STA   S, SA, SSA Special Temporary Authority
STAA         Engineering STA Amendment
STAE   STA/ENG     Engineering STA
STAL   STA/LEG     Legal STA
STAM*   STA/LEG     Legal STA Amendment
STAO*   STA/SSL     Suspension of Operations and Silent Authority
STAW         STA Extension Withdrawal
STAX* STAX     STAX STA Extension
STAY         Experimental STA amendment
STAZ   STA/EXP     Experimental STA
STV S       Subscription TV Authorization
SUS   NTF/SUS     Suspension of Operations
TC TC TC T/C TC Transfer of Control
TCA         Transfer of Control - amendment
TCW         Withdraw Transfer of Control
TOL         Tolling
TOLA         Tolling amendment
TPR   NTPR     (Repack) Transition Plan Progress Report
TPRA   NTPR     Transition Plan Progress Report amendment
TRE TRE       (DTV conversion) Third Round Election
UNK       UNK Unknown status
VAC         Vacant Allotment-protection
VACU         Vacant Allotment-unprotected/unknown
WCP         Withdraw Construction Permit (CP or CPE)
WVR       WVR Waiver Request
XXX TT     XXX Unknown status