REC temporary system changes for Ownership Report deadline and LPFM window impacting,, Tracker Tool, eLMS

Broadcast ownership reports are due on December 1, 2023.  The Third Generation LPFM Filing Window will take place between December 6 and December 13, 2023.   To accommodate these dates and to keep a load off of the FCC systems, REC will place the following temporary changes in effect:

November 30 & December 1, 2023 - Ownership Reports

eLMS and updates will be adjusted from every 15 minutes to every 20 minutes throughout the day with being updated at :10, :30 and :50 past each hour.  Over the weekend, eLMS will recieve updates every 60 minutes. will resume normal 15 minute weekday operations from open of business, December 4 until December 13 at 3PM EST.

LPFM Filing Window

eLMS processing will be shut down on Wednesday, December 13 at 3PM EST.  This means that and will not provide any updates to broadcast applications or actions during that time.  Scheduled updates of FCC documents on are not impacted and will continue. 

Following the close of the LPFM Filing Window on Wednesday, December 13 at 6PM EST, REC will start a manual run of eLMS to pick up any applications filed after 3PM EST as well as start the process for ingesting all LPFM window applications.  This activity is expected to start at about 8PM on Wednesday, December 13 and will run through the night.  The time for this update will depend on the number of LPFM applications filed during the window. LPFM applications filed during the window are expected to appear in FCCdata during the ingestion process. will not display the initial LPFM window applications filed, but will, in the future, display any amendments or actions on those applications. 

On Thursday, December 14, once the eLMS ingestion of LPFM applications is completed, we will import these applications to the Window Tracker Tool. will likely be unavailable the entire day on Thursday, December 14.  eLMS will not run during this time and therefore, FCCdata will not be updated.

Once the applications are imported into the Window Tracker Tool, we will run programs to predict the groups of mutually exclusive applicants and singletons. 

On Friday, December 15, we will change the default of the WIndow Tracker Tool from the 2021 NCE Window to the 2023 LPFM Window.  Those needing to review data from the 2021 NCE Window will need to click "Change Window" and then select the 2021 NCE Window. will return to normal operations on Friday, December 15.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience that these temporary changes may cause.