If there is a state or local executive order or proclamation that states that businesses are being shut down (such as the one announced on 3/19 for Pennsylvania), does that mean we have to shut the transmitter down?

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These orders are done to prevent large gatherings in public places.  First, you want to check to make sure that certain types of businesses are exempted.  In the Pennsylvania case, radio and television broadcast stations are exempt.

Even if a city or state declares that you can’t access the building where your studio is located at, this does not mean you have to shut down the transmitter.  It just means you can’t occupy the studio building and the station would have to automate or have a studio at a different location. 

Several states have passed or are considering new laws recognizing “first informers” who will need “passage” in order to access their equipment:

There may also be resources from FEMA to assist stations needing access during the emergency.  Please contact REC for assistance.


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Thursday, March 19, 2020