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As a leading provider of broadcast related data, REC does maintain a lot of data. If you have a custom project where our data could assist you, please let us know.  Custom one time and periodic reports are available for an hourly fee for development.

Databases and tables available

Name Description Author of data Updated
CDBS (Consolidated Data Base System) CDBS is the primary database that is currently used for radio broadcasting a small amount of television. The FCC does cross-post most television engineering to CDBS at this time. REC stores all CDBS tables. FCC

Aug 2023


LMS (Licensing and Management System) LMS is the primary database that is used for television.  It will soon be the primary database for radio as the replacement for CDBS.  REC stores all LMS tables with the exception of children's television reports. FCC Daily mornings
eLMS FCC broadcast data including FM engineering and non-engineering from all services based on real time monitoring at REC. REC Real Time
IBFS (International Bureau Filing System) Information on FCC-licensed international broadcast stations and 325 Authorizations (delivery of programming to foreign broadcast stations). FCC Weekly
Blocked application list Information on modification applications that have had a delay in processing. FCC



REC Radio History Project Detailed application data from the days prior to the use of computers (BAPS) at the FCC.  This is a very large and long ongoing project.  Currently, AM stations in the top 9 markets and New York educational FMs are supported. REC Time permitting.
Canada Full database of Candian radio and television stations and amateur radio license information. Industry Canada Weekly on Saturdays
ACMA (Austrialia) A database of Austrialian licenses (broadcast and nonbroadcast). ACMA Daily
2010 Census Block Data Complete 2010 Census Block data.  Normally used to show the population within a designated area.  Census block data includes the state, county, population, housing units, land mass, water mass, centroid geographic coordinates and census tract. US Bureau of the Census 2010
2000 Census Block Groups Census block groups are a higher level than the block data and therefore is not as accurate for measurements within a particular location.  Block Group data includes population, centroid geographic coordinates, state, county and census tract. US Bureau of the Census 2000
2000 Census Block Group Boundary File A table of geographic coordiantes that comprise the boundary of a census block group.  Used for building maps. US Bureau of the Census 2000
2010 Census Urbanized Areas Boundary files for US Census urbanized areas US Bureau of the Census 2010
2020 Census block level data Information about millions of census blocks across the United States. This is the most granular level of data on population available.  Data includes block group, census tract, tribal land designations, centroid coordinates, population, housing units, land/water area and urbanized area designations.  Data also includes demographics based on race and ethnicity as well as housing unit breakdowns including vacant vs. occupied as well as instititionalized (correctional and nursing homes) and non-institutionalized (student housing and military quarters) counts.  US Bureau of the Census 2020
US Counties A list of US Counties and other localities at the equivilent level.  Data includes state, FIPS codes, 2000 population, living units, square miles, Neilsen Audio metro markets and metropolitian statistical area data. US Bureau of the Census and REC 2000, market data updated as needed
US States A listing of US states and territories includes postal codes and which translator rules apply (if east or west of the Mississippi River) US Bureau of the Census and REC If ever needed
ULS (Universal Licensing Sytem) Amateur Radio FCC database used for many non-broadcast services.  Tables and data used to support amateur (ham) radio is kept at REC. Also information on broadcast auxiliary and Traveler's Information Stations. FCC Tuesday through Saturday mid-day
Logbook Of The World Listing of amateur radio call signs that are known to use the ARRL's Logbook of the World program. HB9BZA Weekly
High Frequency Coordination Committee Schedules of United States shortwave broadcast stations including times, frequencies and CIRAF zones served. HFCC Twice per year.
Ireland Placenames Listing of place names in Ireland and their geopgraphic coordinates.   September, 2015
Japan Broadcast Stations All radio and television stations in Japan including relay transmitters that exceed 1 watt TPO.  Tables include azimuth (HAAT in 360 directions), facility (frequency/channel, TPO, ERP), site elevations and HAAT, license information (including addresses in English and Japanese), transmitter sites described in English and Japanese. Ministry of Information and Communications, and REC Manually updated
Japan Placenames Listing of Japan placenames at the town, county and metropolis levels.  Data includes readings in romaji, furigana (hiragana), kanji as well as centroid geographic coordinates and heirarchy.   Center for Geographic Analysis, Harvard University 1995
Japan Prefectures Listing of prefectures in Japan including readings in romaji and kanji. Also includes a designation of which MIC office (Japan's FCC) handles that prefecture. REC 2016
Japan Soumou Database Raw data in Japanese with basic license information on most AM and FM broadcast facilities. Ministry of Information and Communications Schedule to be determined.
Mexico broadcast data For AM, FM and TV.  Information includes station license (concession) information, locations, frequencies/channels, station class, power, DTV virtual channel programming and more. IFT November, 2018
Mexico extra data Includes AM station nighttime powers and FCC facility ID cross reference. REC manual based on IFT and FCC data. November, 2018
Airports Listing of airports including geographic coordinates, airport name, city and county. FCC/FAA Weekly
AM Contours Geographic coordinates of the 2 mV/m contours of AM stations.  Used by the FCC as a part of AM Revitalization FCC Manual update
Neilsen Audio (Arbitron) Markets Listing of radio metro markets including market ranks, 2010 population, centroids and spectrum status (from the 2012 report and order implementing the LCRA designating each market spectrum available or spectrum limits). REC Updated as needed as market ranks change
Towers A consolidated listing of towers including registered towers in ULS. FCC Weekly
International Borders Geographic coordinates that represent points along the US-Mexico and US-Canada borders. International Border and Water Commission Unknown
UK radio broadcast stations Information on AM, FM and DAB broadcast stations including station name, geographic location and directional antenna data. Ofcom Weekly
Ireland radio broadcast stations Information on FM and DAB broadcast stations including station name, geographic location and directional antenna data. ComReg
ARRR (American Radio Rebel Registry) Inventory of FCC-issued notices of unlicensed operation against alleged pirate broadcast operators. REC July, 2018
Great Translator Invasion Historical files related to the 2003 Auction 83 FM translator filing window. REC Archived

FCC Enforcement

FCC Enforcement Actions from 01/01/2018 REC Jul 2023


Information about stations participating in RadioDNS RadopDNS Weekly


Emergency alerts. FEMA Real time


Alerts from the National Weather Service NOAA Real Time
Federal Register Information on items in the Federal Register related to the Federal Communications Commission National Archives Mon-Fri updated 1x/hour