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73.840 Operating power and mode tolerances.

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LP-100 stations must operate with at least 90% but never more than 105% of their authorized transmitter power output. Stations only allowed to operate 10 watts TPO or less due to antenna height may operate at any power level but never more than 105% of their total power output.

Text of Current Rule

The transmitter power output (TPO) of an LPFM station must be determined by the procedures set forth in Sec. 73.267 of this part. The operating TPO of an LPFM station with an authorized TPO of more than ten watts must be maintained as near as practicable to its authorized TPO and may not be less than 90% of the minimum TPO nor greater than 105% of the maximum authorized TPO. An LPFM station with an authorized TPO of ten watts or less may operate with less than the authorized power, but not more than 105% of the authorized power.

Rule History

Adopted in Original Order. Has not been amended since.