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1/27/22 04:45PM ET - MX settlement window ends on Friday, January 28, 2022. We note that while the formal window ends at that time, some groups have requested extensions from the FCC to continue their settlement negotiations. We are not privvy to which groups those are (we are involved in a couple of them but we can't disclose them for confidentiality reasons). If amendments are made after Friday, we will still note them and if there is a change in the predicted winner, we will leave notes in the MX Group Scoring Notes that states who the previous predicted winner was before the change and then the system will reflect the predicted winner based on the amendment. Remember, our predictions are just that, predictions. Predictions are based on our understanding of the scoring process as described in the Public Notices, the FCC Rules and our consultations with staff. If you have any questions regarding your specific group, please reach out to your consultant, engineer or attorney first. REC does not provide legal advice, nor can we comment on any MX Group other than what we publicly disclose on the MX and individual applicant pages. Thank you for your understanding. General trade media inquires may be made directly to REC Networks by phone or email.

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FCC MX Group 102

Dodge City, etc. KS/TX 201-202-203

Facility Fair Distribution Point System Tie-Breaker
Community Ch Priority
Pts Land
766514 DODGE CITY KS201ANone0862.93088538No
767057 DODGE CITY KS202ANone5335.322979600No
Primera Iglesia Bautista Ebenezer
766515 GARDEN CITY KS201ANone0561.23233738No
LIBERTAD EN CRISTO MINISTRIES  (broke out from MX group)
764008 HAVILAND KS204C2**None04919114061210No
Great Plains Christian Radio, Inc.  (broke out from MX group)
768166 JETMORE KS202C1None294634391835No
Radio Vida Kansas, Inc.
768457 Liberal KS203A2nd Svc2206453022206402No
Liberal Music & Education Foundation
767091 Meade KS202A1st Svc2019286952775.2527101No
St. John the Baptist Catholic Church of Meade, Kansas  (potential winner)
766517 ULYSSES KS201ANone00038No
LIBERTAD EN CRISTO MINISTRIES  (broke out from MX group)
764017 DALHART TX203ANone088485351210No
Great Plains Christian Radio, Inc.  (broke out from MX group)
764341 DALHART TX205A**None12054002969.19934186No
Christian Ministries of the Valley, Inc  (broke out from MX group)
766779 DALHART TX201ANone2611.2996203No
KLMX Educational Foundation  (potential winner)  (broke out from MX group)
768247 FOLLETT TX211A**None00019No
Solid Rock Foundation  (broke out from MX group)
768248 KERRICK TX220A**None00019No
Solid Rock Foundation  (broke out from MX group)
768246 MEMPHIS TX214A**None00019No
Solid Rock Foundation  (broke out from MX group)
767016 PAMPA TX201A**None51007.242125400No
Bible Baptist Church  (broke out from MX group)
764006 PERRYTON TX203A**None04582126031210No
Great Plains Chritian Radio, Inc.  (broke out from MX group)
** - changed by amendment from original application.
Total Found: 16 | Still in Group: 5

Scoring Note

As a threshold matter, only Meade claims first NCE priority. St. John the Baptist is predicted winner.

Contour and Link Map of MX Group

MX Group Notes

REC MX Groups 108 and 109 (767057, 766514, 766515, 764008, 768166 & 767091) and previously predicted singleton 766517 merged into this group.
2021-11-29 14:11:41

Solid Rock (Kerrick) proposes to change from Ch. 204 to 220 in an attempt to become singleton. Also, Solid Rock (Memphis) proposes to change from Ch. 203 to Ch. 214 in an attempt to become singleton.
2021-11-30 17:28:10

Libertad en Cristo reduces power to make singleton.
2021-12-02 09:55:27

Solid Rock (Follett) proposes to change location and to channel 211A to become singleton.
2021-12-02 12:55:35

Bible Baptist changes to Ch 201 to become singleton.
2021-12-29 17:17:56

Christian Ministries changes to Channel 205 to become singleton. This modification orphans KLMX Ed. and Great Plains (Dalhart). Those two applicants are still MX with each other, thus creating a split group.
2022-01-14 18:04:56

Great Plains (Haviland) changes to Ch 204 to become singleton.
2022-01-21 10:18:05

Great Plains (Perrytown) changes to Ch. 203A to become singleton.
2022-01-21 10:27:40

Libertad (Garden City) changes to Ch. 208 to become singleton.
2022-01-27 06:16:48

KLMX moves to Ch. 205 to become singleton, orphans Great Plains (Dalhart) to dissolve split group and make both Dalhart applications singleton.
2022-01-27 06:18:07

MX Grid

The X indicates a MX relationship between two facilities. This may help demonstrate how applications are added to an MX group in a 'daisy chain' fahsion.

766514XX  X           
767057XX  X X         
766515  X X  X        
764008   XX           
768166XXXXX X         
768457     XX        X
767091 X  XXX         
766517  X    X        
764017        XXX     
764341        XXX X XX
766779        XXX     
768247           X   X
768248         X  X   
768246             X  
767016         X    XX
764006     X   X X  XX

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