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1/27/22 04:45PM ET - MX settlement window ends on Friday, January 28, 2022. We note that while the formal window ends at that time, some groups have requested extensions from the FCC to continue their settlement negotiations. We are not privvy to which groups those are (we are involved in a couple of them but we can't disclose them for confidentiality reasons). If amendments are made after Friday, we will still note them and if there is a change in the predicted winner, we will leave notes in the MX Group Scoring Notes that states who the previous predicted winner was before the change and then the system will reflect the predicted winner based on the amendment. Remember, our predictions are just that, predictions. Predictions are based on our understanding of the scoring process as described in the Public Notices, the FCC Rules and our consultations with staff. If you have any questions regarding your specific group, please reach out to your consultant, engineer or attorney first. REC does not provide legal advice, nor can we comment on any MX Group other than what we publicly disclose on the MX and individual applicant pages. Thank you for your understanding. General trade media inquires may be made directly to REC Networks by phone or email.

Non-commercial Educational FM Reserved Band 2021

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Facility ID Community Ch/Cls Applicant Status
768950 COLUMBIA SC 219C3 Mind Stone Academy INC FCC Dismissed
Dismissal Reason: Proposed facility exceeds Class B or C1/C0/C maximum.
Garbage List: Requesting 1,000 kW.
762673 FLORENCE SC 206C3 South Carolina Educational Television Commission FCC verified MX (Group FCC19)
762240 FLORENCE SC 206C3 Bible Broadcasting Network, Inc. FCC verified MX (Group FCC19)
762439 FLORENCE SC 206C1 Radio Free Communications, Inc. FCC verified MX (Group FCC19)
768438 FLORENCE SC 206A Florence Baptist Temple FCC verified MX (Group FCC19)
768332 MARION SC 203A Church Planters of America FCC verified MX (Group FCC24)

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