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1/27/22 04:45PM ET - MX settlement window ends on Friday, January 28, 2022. We note that while the formal window ends at that time, some groups have requested extensions from the FCC to continue their settlement negotiations. We are not privvy to which groups those are (we are involved in a couple of them but we can't disclose them for confidentiality reasons). If amendments are made after Friday, we will still note them and if there is a change in the predicted winner, we will leave notes in the MX Group Scoring Notes that states who the previous predicted winner was before the change and then the system will reflect the predicted winner based on the amendment. Remember, our predictions are just that, predictions. Predictions are based on our understanding of the scoring process as described in the Public Notices, the FCC Rules and our consultations with staff. If you have any questions regarding your specific group, please reach out to your consultant, engineer or attorney first. REC does not provide legal advice, nor can we comment on any MX Group other than what we publicly disclose on the MX and individual applicant pages. Thank you for your understanding. General trade media inquires may be made directly to REC Networks by phone or email.

Non-commercial Educational FM Reserved Band 2021

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Facility ID Community Ch/Cls Applicant Status
769045 ADAIR OK 202A Citizenship Tulsa, Inc. FCC verified MX (Group FCC14)
No 307 map. 
767304 ALTUS OK 204A Outside the Doors Ministry Foundation FCC verified MX (Group FCC177)
768777 BARTLESVILLE OK 211C3 St. John Before the Latin Gate Parish FCC Granted
766780 BOISE CITY OK 206A KLMX Educational Foundation FCC Granted
766222 CADDO OK 206C2 Centro Familiar de Restauracion Y Vida FCC verified MX (Group FCC171)
Bad PDF file for 307(b) study. Unable to determine. No 307(b) map. Diversity: bad PDF.  
768257 CARRIER OK 202C3 Saint Francis Xavier Church FCC verified MX (Group FCC176) (potential winner)
768303 CHICKASHA OK 209A KRH Educational Foundation FCC verified MX (Group FCC173) (potential winner)
KRH has 3 pending applications in this window. 
768299 CLINTON OK 217C1 Missions Unlimited Of Oregon FCC verified MX (Group FCC175) (potential winner)
While meeting threshold for first NCE, only certified second NCE. 
766017 COLCORD OK 203C2 John Brown University FCC Dismissed
Dismissal Reason: Applicant request.
12-22-21 requested dismissal.
768255 DOUGHERTY OK 205A Saint Francis Xavier Church FCC verified MX (Group FCC172)
768754 DURANT OK 206C3 St. William Parish FCC verified MX (Group FCC171) (potential winner)
769034 Elk City OK 204C3 WESTERN OKLAHOMA CATHOLIC FAITH FOUNDATION FCC verified MX (Group FCC177) (potential winner)
762461 ENID OK 202A Victory Bible Church, In.c FCC verified MX (Group FCC176)
764001 ENID OK 202A Great Plains Christian Radio, Inc. FCC verified MX (Group FCC176)
764390 ENID OK 202C3 COMMUNITY BROADCASTING, INC. FCC verified MX (Group FCC176)
765921 ENID OK 202C3 The West Hemlock Street Church of God FCC verified MX (Group FCC176)
764004 FAIRVIEW OK 204A Great Plains Christian Radio, Inc. FCC verified MX (Group FCC175)
768762 FORT GIBSON OK 202A St. Joseph Parish FCC Granted
768261 GUYMON OK 211A Saint Peter the Apostle Church FCC Granted
768549 LINDSAY OK 209A Ministerio Espiritu Santo FCC verified MX (Group FCC173)
768772 MCALESTER OK 215C3 St. John Parish REC singleton
REC measured singleton. 
768755 QUAPAW OK 201A Sacred Heart Parish Accepted for Filing (MX Group FCC126)
767631 SAYRE OK 204A Top O' Texas Educational Broadcasting Foundation, Inc FCC verified MX (Group FCC177)
768827 TAHLEQUAH OK 220A St. Brigid Parish FCC Granted
768259 WEATHERFORD OK 217C3 Saint Eugene Church FCC verified MX (Group FCC175)
769063 weleetka OK 205A Citizenship Tulsa, Inc. FCC Granted
768256 WILSON OK 203A Saint Mary Church FCC verified MX (Group FCC172) (potential winner)
768548 WINONA OK 216A Ministerio Espiritu Santo REC singleton
Close: KAXR (-0.65 dBu) should clear. 
764005 WOODWARD OK 205A Great Plains Christian Radio, Inc. FCC verified MX (Group FCC174)
769014 WOODWARD OK 205A WOODWARD CATHOLIC RADIO, INC. FCC verified MX (Group FCC174) (potential winner)

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