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1/27/22 04:45PM ET - MX settlement window ends on Friday, January 28, 2022. We note that while the formal window ends at that time, some groups have requested extensions from the FCC to continue their settlement negotiations. We are not privvy to which groups those are (we are involved in a couple of them but we can't disclose them for confidentiality reasons). If amendments are made after Friday, we will still note them and if there is a change in the predicted winner, we will leave notes in the MX Group Scoring Notes that states who the previous predicted winner was before the change and then the system will reflect the predicted winner based on the amendment. Remember, our predictions are just that, predictions. Predictions are based on our understanding of the scoring process as described in the Public Notices, the FCC Rules and our consultations with staff. If you have any questions regarding your specific group, please reach out to your consultant, engineer or attorney first. REC does not provide legal advice, nor can we comment on any MX Group other than what we publicly disclose on the MX and individual applicant pages. Thank you for your understanding. General trade media inquires may be made directly to REC Networks by phone or email.

Non-commercial Educational FM Reserved Band 2021

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Facility ID Community Ch/Cls Applicant Status
768271 ARROWSMITH IL 201A 2820 Communications INC FCC Granted
768538 CAROL STREAM IL 203A Vanguard Association of Sunbelt Colleges Corporation FCC Dismissed
Dismissal Reason: Applicant request.  
767698 CAROL STREAM IL 203A Adelante Community Health Center FCC Granted
763575 CHARLESTON IL 213A 2820 Communications INC Accepted for Filing
P4R nunc pro tunc 
763096 CLINTON IL 202A 2820 Communications INC FCC Granted
768006 DANVILLE IL 202A Covenant Network FCC verified MX (Group FCC92)
763504 DANVILLE IL 202B 2820 Communications INC FCC verified MX (Group FCC92) (potential winner)
764387 EAST ST. LOUIS IL 217A Amoxaque Multimedia Group, NFP FCC Dismissed
Dismissal Reason: Proposed facility does not meet Class A minimum.
Garbage List: Overlaps KSIV-FM (-39.78 dB), KWMU (-30.22 dB)
767404 GALENA IL 211A Northern Illinois University FCC verified MX (Group FCC89) (potential winner)
766909 GILMAN IL 201A Faith Baptist Church FCC Granted
765792 HARRISBURG IL 212A Madisonville Baptist Temple Inc. FCC Granted
763973 HARVARD IL 205A 2820 Communications INC FCC Granted
No population given. 
768831 INDIAN CREEK IL 204A Call Communications Group, Inc. FCC Granted
12-20-21 P4R nunc pro tunc chg DA pattern to request reinstatement.  
768001 KANKAKEE IL 212A Covenant Network FCC Dismissed
Dismissal Reason: Fails to meet community coverage and also has overlap.
Garbage List: WONU (-26.23 dBu). No mention of this facility on exhibit. Close WMBI-FM (0.14 dBu).
763577 KEWANEE IL 202A 2820 Communications INC Accepted for Filing
P4R nunc pro tunc 
768942 LIBERTYVILLE IL 202A Relevant Radio, Inc. FCC verified MX (Group FCC237)
Applicant only provided a 307(b) map but did not provide any population numbers. We can't credit for 307(b) priority.  
763572 MACOMB IL 213B 2820 Communications INC FCC verified MX (Group FCC88) (potential winner)
2 technical points, top group more than 125% pop/land area over. 
768005 MACOMB IL 213A Covenant Network FCC verified MX (Group FCC88)
768697 MAKANDA IL 213B1 Lushomo Health Education Centre FCC Granted
ComStudy frequency finder shows a 10 dBu overlap with WDBX, but the mapping does not support that. The engineering exhibits demonstrate compliance. This one may pass. 
765155 MONMOUTH IL 209A 2820 Communications INC FCC Dismissed
Dismissal Reason: Prohibited contour overlap with incumbent facilities.
Garbage List: Overlap WHPA (-7.68 dBu). On 9/17/21, WHPA filed for an upgrade from 0.2 to 4kW. MOD 0000159525 was granted prior to the open of the window. Engineering exhibits do not reflect this upgraded CP.
768170 NORTH CHICAGO IL 202A PODEROSA BROADCASTING, INC. FCC verified MX (Group FCC237) (potential winner)
768392 Paris IL 202A Appalachian Educational Communication Corporation FCC verified MX (Group FCC92)
768557 ROCHESTER IL 202A Vanguard Association of Sunbelt Colleges Corporation Accepted for Filing
766074 TOWER HILL IL 207A West Central Michigan Media Ministries FCC Granted
768281 WEST FRANKFORT IL 204A Three Angels Broadcasting Network, Inc. FCC Granted
766365 WILMINGTON IL 201A 2820 Communications INC FCC Granted

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