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1/27/22 04:45PM ET - MX settlement window ends on Friday, January 28, 2022. We note that while the formal window ends at that time, some groups have requested extensions from the FCC to continue their settlement negotiations. We are not privvy to which groups those are (we are involved in a couple of them but we can't disclose them for confidentiality reasons). If amendments are made after Friday, we will still note them and if there is a change in the predicted winner, we will leave notes in the MX Group Scoring Notes that states who the previous predicted winner was before the change and then the system will reflect the predicted winner based on the amendment. Remember, our predictions are just that, predictions. Predictions are based on our understanding of the scoring process as described in the Public Notices, the FCC Rules and our consultations with staff. If you have any questions regarding your specific group, please reach out to your consultant, engineer or attorney first. REC does not provide legal advice, nor can we comment on any MX Group other than what we publicly disclose on the MX and individual applicant pages. Thank you for your understanding. General trade media inquires may be made directly to REC Networks by phone or email.

Non-commercial Educational FM Reserved Band 2021

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Facility ID Community Ch/Cls Applicant Status
766804 ALMA CO 208C3 San Tan Educational Media FCC verified MX (Group FCC46) (potential winner)
767531 ASPEN CO 209C3 The Open Mind Project FCC verified MX (Group FCC46)
763387 Breckenridge CO 219A Rocky Mountain Public Media, Inc. FCC Granted
768440 Brush CO 201A Brush School District RE-2J FCC Dismissed
Dismissal Reason: Prohibited contour overlap with incumbent facilities.  
766822 BUENA VISTA CO 212A San Tan Educational Media Accepted for Filing (MX Group FCC44)
2 technical points over 768260. 
767457 CHEYENNE WELLS CO 206A The Praise Network, Inc. FCC Granted
766825 Craig CO 209A San Tan Educational Media FCC Granted
767297 CRAIG CO 216C3 Cheyenne Broadcasting Foundation, Inc FCC Granted
12-9-21 Amended to reduce pending applications from 10 to 9. Amendments can't be made after the window to improve comparative position. While we will still recognize this application as 10 pending applications, the issue is moot since the applicant is not MX. 
768689 DEER TRAIL CO 219C3 Southern United Neighborhoods FCC Granted
Close: KLDV (-0.10 dB), KUNC (-0.23). Should pass. NED1 shows very tiny overlap to KUNC. NED1 does show some overlap from app 100 to KLDV 60.. this may also be a quirk of the FCC API.  
766813 FLEMING CO 205A Prairie Community Radio FCC Granted
12-16-21 P4R nunc pro tune channel change. 
768260 Florissant CO 214A Safe Haven Refuge Ministries FCC Granted
765488 FRASER CO 206C3 FRASER VALLEY COMMUNITY MEDIA, INC. Accepted for Filing (MX Group FCC46)
767296 GEORGETOWN CO 207A Cheyenne Broadcasting Foundation, Inc. Accepted for Filing (MX Group FCC46)
768699 KERSEY CO 214A Labor Neighbor Research & Training Center Accepted for Filing
768782 LAKE GEORGE CO 219A Cedar Cove Broadcasting, Inc. FCC Granted
768099 Lamar CO 202A KRH Educational Foundation FCC Granted
764002 LAMAR CO 209C3 Great Plains Christian Radio, Inc. FCC Granted
762526 LAS ANIMAS CO 211C1 SOUTHERN CULTURAL FOUNDATION Accepted for Filing (MX Group FCC45)
Exhibit very confusingly written. Claiming first service in all areas except those also served by KECC. Failed to include KCSE, Lamar CO as an overlapping station. If considered, it would move about 100 persons from first to second service. We will reflect the originally claimed values here. 
764040 LAS ANIMAS CO 217C1 SOUTHERN CULTURAL FOUNDATION Accepted for Filing (MX Group FCC42)
767837 LIMON CO 210C3 Labor Neighbor Research & Training Center Accepted for Filing
766816 LOG LANE VILLAGE CO 220A Prairie Community Radio Accepted for Filing (MX Group FCC43)
763591 Loghill Village CO 217C3 Calvary Chapel of Montrose FCC Granted
Close: KMSA (-1.92 dBu), KSUT (-0.14 dBu).. may pass. FCC NED1 API shows clear to KMSA and extremely tiny overlap with KSUT. Should pass. 
768826 NATHROP CO 207A Cedar Cove Broadcasting, Inc. FCC Granted
764211 Red Feather Lakes CO 204A Ridgeline Radio, Inc. FCC Granted
765006 RIDGWAY CO 212A San Miguel Educational Fund FCC Granted
766817 STRATTON CO 219C3 Prairie Community Radio FCC Granted
767456 WRAY CO 208A The Praise Network, Inc. FCC Granted

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